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  1. Lucifer known as "The Light Bearer" was God's favorite Angel. Cast-Out by his Creator for being Prideful. Seducing Mankind into falsehood and Sin. And for all intensive purposes is the god of this fallen world. Satan was an Angel of the light, the most powerful and beautiful one at one time. He masquerades as an Angel who is on our side but wishes all humanity exterminated. That means you too Satanists!!! ​Truly, only a fool would worship and conjure up things that want them exterminated! He is known as The Lord of the Air(represented by the lightning bolt symbol), He goes by many names throughout history but Satan or the Devil is how we know him. He can give you everything you desire in this world, for a high price that is. It is up to us to walk away from this world and it's material "things" It cannot be avoided that your Creator is his Creator. And as powerful as Lucifer is, he's nothing to our Lord Jesus Christ. He is already defeated, and you humans who wanna go down with him. Will. That's his most important mission is to bring you down with him. #foreverisalongtime #youtubesoundsofhell #soundslikeaparty #illstickwithtruth Jesus is the Only Way!!! #666 #Lucifer #agnostic #blessed be #wicca #Satanism #Christianity