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  1. I've just spent 3 days on a trance mediumship workshop retreat. When I came away, I realised I've been utilising transfiguration with healing for quite some time now and not really knowing that I was doing it. It's amazing how you can be naturally drawn to and using specific practices without actually realising you're doing so. The Universe gives us exactly what we need and sometimes we're unable give a name to our gifts as we are unaware of them. However, the evidence is there when we use them successfully and frequently and make a true difference to those we heal. This gives me clarification that we don't need to label our gifts just as long as we use them with the highest intention of good. Being a light worker, we dabble in many areas and there is ALWAYS something new and wonderful to encounter. Open your mind and expand your visions. I urge you to dabble. Experiment. Experience. Enjoy. But most of all expand πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ’–#radiantsoulsreiki #healingjourney #transfiguration #healing #healer #reiki #shamanism #shaman #spiritguides #sharethelove #believeandreceive #spiritual #sharethelove #behappy😊 #bethelight

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  1. πŸ’•πŸ’–I have been struggling with something for what it feels like forever. When we live outside of 'normal' standards people tend to judge us because they see the world as black or white. They don't have an understanding of higher truths or divine call and purpose. It's very difficult to ignore judgment when it comes from family, the people whom I want closer to me. I asked a question to my Fairy Guides through my Oracle and got this card reversed. The message was very clear. It gave me a comforting and powerful answer. Some of us have come to Earth with a strong purpose. Normal things, behaviors, responses... even morals.. do not apply to us. Sometimes is our Spirit who wants us to leave. It's time to release the judgment I am holding, from others and from my own ego. Thank you, Guides πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’Ÿ

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  1. The balance is within you Don't question your intuition Don't ignore that gut feeling Listen....Listen.... Don't expect a sign to be this glorious, magnificent being that will transcend and give you all these answers. Why??? Because that being is you my friend, You are, I AM! , what ever you want you will achieve, put in the work,manifest, want it so bad you can taste it, feel it rushing through you, be humble, walk with gratitude, love, acceptance, Trust, Trust, Trust. Honor your temple, You are blessed, you are light, you are the answer, you are a great student, pay attention to the lessons, pay attention to the patterns, Are you truly listening to self, are you truly doing what you love? Whatever it may be, it can be as simple as something you forgot you love doing. Reading books, painting, photos, hiking, helping others, gardening, dancing, singing, acting, being a mother, being a father, being a daughter, being a grandmother, are you putting in 100% or are you trying to slide through hoping things will just happen. Namaste #love#chakras#self#lesson#karma#hamorny#1122#messages#angel#spiritual#spiritguides#poems#poetry#indigo#empath#knowledge#beauty#wisdom#harmony#journey#gratitude#family#blessings#mt#yoga#instructor#signs

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  1. 🐈 Every day I go to the forrest, an animal comes to greet me. Sometimes is a dog, other times a butterfly... today, this cat. I stopped at the cafΓ© that is located at the end of one of the paths and close to the road. The cat saw me and came to me right away. He laid down on my side and stayed around while I was taking some notes for my new program. This program is very special to me because I am writing it, not from my head but from my connection with my Guides and the inspiration I am getting journeying thru the forrest. Animals open my eyes to which I need to see. Thank you, kitty. Thank you, Guides πŸ’šπŸ±πŸ’š

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  1. If you don't not knew how many miracles you've already performed. Nothing would ever again overwhelm you, frighten you, or seem impossible ❀