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  1. Raise your standards. Focus on the potential. Fixate on the possibility. Own the mindset that ANYTHING is attainable. The sky is the limit.

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  1. I haven't been writing much, but I am returning. Here's a throwback because it's one of my most favorite letters I've ever written & it's what I would have needed to read when I wanted to know "how the hell do I put down this pill, bottle, dude, vice, addiction? |link in bio| ---------------- "We all got scars, we all got scars, so what?" This is the truth. And this is what I want to tell you. I want to remind you: you, this beautiful creature, who says she has been ran over by a truck at least 7x over and fears she'll never survive, that we ALL have scars. Do you know what this means? This means that regardless of what you have done, there will be someone else who has done worse. This means that regardless of what happened, you will be forgiven. And you will forgive yourself. Pain and hurt are relative so I fear I’m missing the point in the comparison game. The point is: We all got scars. We have all been hurt. Done something we fear we will never be forgiven for. Got a DUI. Lost a child. Raped. Molested. Broken hearted. Alone. Lost. Thought we were not enough. Thought we would never be enough. Wanted love. Withheld love. Needed approval. Sought approval, validation, sex. Blow job queen. Ran through our apartment complex naked. Forgot to put on pants. Been arrested. We all got scars. Whatever the fuck it is, it doesn't matter. We all have scars. You will deal with the root of this later. All you need to know, RIGHT NOW, in this moment, is that you are not broken. You are whole. Here in this moment, when you fear you are at your lowest, you are actually the highest you have ever been. To me, you are the most beautiful. You are whole. You are alive. You are standing in front of me asking for help. You have enough guts and strength and courage to do something about your life. To wake up. You are here, wanting to live…. Welcome to your arrival."

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