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  1. Welcome to New Moon in Cancer feels. With Cancer being a water sign you may feel the call to spend time by natural bodies of water such as beaches, rivers, creeks and lakes. If you don't have one close by, spending some extra time in the shower/bath as your body is needing the extra water time. Ensure you are drinking enough water too as in Australia it's winter and we tend to head for more tea and coffee than water. Don't forget the New Moon Magic and Manifestation book under the free resources tab on kimwilliams.me which will help with how to use the energy over the next 48 hours. 🌺👑🌺👑🌺👑🌺👑🌺👑🌺👑 #woorising #steppingintowoo #flourish30days #spiritedboss #spiritedleader #wooisthenewnormal #flourishwoowisdom #thisisme #flourishdropsthemic #honoryourenergy #flourishonamission #confirmationjunkie #flourishsparkle #undercoverlightworker #woowarrior #spiritjunkie #FlourishLightworker #womanofwoo #flourishbringsthesparkle #mysticasfuck #moderndaysybil

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  1. Getting a message like this from a student who goes to the exact college I graduated from (a very long time ago) completely made my day. I really believe that when we set an intention, the energy is carried far beyond places we could ever imagine. I can speak personally by saying it can sometimes feel frustrating not seeing the effects right away. But we never know who we're impacting. This is for me as much as it is for you, trust and know that the right people will receive what you want to share. Set your intention and allow that energy to be carried through everything you do (link in bio for full talk) 🐱🙆🏻‍♂️ #beardown #wildcats #ellercollege #uofa

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  1. 🌚 The New Moon energy is here! It takes place at 2° in ♋️ Cancer, today June 23rd! This New Moon is all about emotions, partnerships, and intentions to create what your heart truly desires in relationships. Cancer is a nurturing, loving, and protective sign. It is asking you to look at where you need to make a change in these areas. How can you be more nurturing, loving, and more of a partner? This is a very feminine energy being released. You may feel more emotional this weekend. Remember to breathe and take time for yourself! * 💖🦋If you are ready to start using energy in your love life and in your favor, check out the link in my bio! * * * * #zodiaclove #lovecoach #loa #lawofattraction #numerology #astrology #positivevibes #goodvibes #everythingisenergy #thoughtsarethings #relationshipcoach #newmoon #zodiac #newage #empowered #divine #spiritjunkie #spiritual #love #relationshipgoals #partnership #energy #Cancer #newmooncancer #emotional #intentions #relationships #zodiacsign #lightworker #moonchild

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  1. "Se não for para eu viver de forma íntegra e autêntica, honrando a minha real essência, meu propósito de vida e concretizando os meus objetivos, então, a minha vida está sendo no mínimo parada demais e eu estou perdendo o meu tempo que é tão precioso na Terra." Leia mais sobre sair da zona de conforto em paz no lepapillonmds.com (o link está na bio) para se inspirar com a Newsletter da semana e cadastre-se para receber uma reflexão em seu inbox sempre que eu escrever uma. Bom final de semana! 🌿 "If it is not for me to live in a whole and authentic way, honoring my real essence, my purpose of life and fulfilling my goals, then my life is at least too stopped, and I am wasting my time, which is so precious here on earth." Read more about leaving the comfort zone at peace on lepapillonmds.com (the link is in the bio) to get inspired with the Newsletter of the week and sign up to receive a reflection in your inbox whenever I write one. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Join Helen & Mimi as they join forces and create a magical class where Astrology meets The Akashic Records, tonight!⠀⠀ This class will provide an interactive experience guiding participants in becoming aware of their Soul and Astrological Blueprints. We’ll use Astrology as a framework to understand archetypes that exist within us and our Natal Chart which is our unique cosmic DNA blueprint, showing us our potential in its fullest expression. We’ll go into the Akashic Records to connect us back to the realm from which we originally came.⠀⠀ RSVP 323-663-6000⠀⠀ Location: Liberate Hollywood⠀⠀ Time: 7pm - 10pm⠀⠀ Cost: $65⠀⠀ See you there!

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  1. #fridayflow 🤘🏼⚡️💋. Today I have been embracing peace, calm, joy, and balance... what about you? • I spent the day unpacking our new home🌿, chatting with clients🦄, having an all girls lunch date 💘... and now finally sitting down to work on programs and courses. Though my day has been go go to, it's been a PASSIONATE hustle and I wouldn't change it for the world. Each day I set the intentions for how I want to feel within that day. Some days, life grows me for a loop and I fall out of alignment with my desires feelings. But on other days, like today, I master the hell out of ME and her aligned AF. ✊🏼 What daily rituals do you do that help you stay true to you and your core wants?! Happy FRIYAY!