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  1. I used to admire well put together people I always wanted that sleek hair Matching clothing Perfect skin Glistening smile But the deeper I go With myself And others I realize The people I admire And adore the most Are the messiest ones The ones who skip brushing their hair The ones who run fast into the wind The ones who forgo makeup and let the rain fall on their skin The ones who care less about what they wear And more about What they can share With the world And their loved ones The ones who know the agony Of digging up bones That have long since been buried But never disclosed The ones who are afraid But still step into the trenches To bring peace to the war They've been fighting for ages The ones who know Just how real life can get When their curled up at rock bottom But refuse to give up Just yet I'm not interested in the fancy things I just want a life That makes my heart sing I want to Write poems on the beach That sprout from my soul And plant seeds of hope Everywhere I go I don't want to pretend That it isn't F*cking hard To open myself up And let down my guard I don't want to mind If I spill wine on my shirt Or pretend I'm not drinking To mask some sort of hurt I want to enjoy all of my days Walking on sunshine or dancing in the rain And feel blessed with this life The joy and the pain I admire most Those of us who don't need flat hair Or a glistening grin Those who are finally waking up And choosing to live

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  1. New #sugilite tumbled stones! Love - Protection - Healing Sugilite is one of the major stones of love, bringing the Purple Ray energy to Earth. Sugilite represents spiritual love and wisdom, and opens all the chakras to the flow of that love, bringing them into alignment. Protection from negative influences Grounds spiritual energies Awakens the crown chakra Emanates the pure Violet Ray of purification Opens the third eye, crown, and etheric chakras Activates inner vision and opens the doorway to one’s innermost motivations Helps one believe in life’s possibilities Offers hope and optimism, bringing love & light to the darkest situations Teaches one how to live from one’s Truth Encourages connection between the physical and spiritual bodies Stone for the realm of dreams, lending access to one’s innermost thoughts, yearnings and beliefs. Aids forgiveness by eliminating hostility Powerful attractor of healing energies, believed to counter the mental and emotional stresses that create many of the illnesses and diseases of the physical body. #sugilitestone

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  1. When inspiration is all around you. 😍 --- Back in the workshop this afternoon and it feels good. What are you up to Wild Ones?

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