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  1. We need more peace and love. Manchester, London, Paris, Berlin and everywhere else that has suffered these atrocities in recent times - including the almost daily incidents in Middle Eastern countries that we don't hear so much about. For hatred is never the answer and we must use love, light and unity to extinguish those who would seek to bring nothing but darkness and sorrow to their fellow human beings. #manchesterwearewithyou #unitedwestand #spreadlovenothate

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  1. In the early hours of this morning I caught my 40th baby, the number I need to qualify as a midwife πŸ’• however, I don't feel much like celebrating as I walked out of the hospital doors at the end of my shift and heard about the heartbreaking news in Manchester. The thought that there are people so angry, desperate and cruel that they have the ability to do something so horrific makes me sick to my stomach. Yet human beings are amazingly resilient in times of tragedy and band together, supporting others when they are lost and hurting. We are more powerful than they think we are. I privileged to see it every day in my job. I see care, compassion, empathy and support. From mother to baby, partner to partner, mothers to daughters and midwives to families. We are strong, they won't destroy what we are and what we can achieve for each other. Spread love, not hate ❀️ #spreadthelove #spreadlovenothate #manchester #makelovenotwar #studentmidwife #numbers #magicnumberforty #forty #midwifery #england #northwest #sendinglove #heartbroken