5 0 26-05-2017
  1. I rode the struggle bus allllll over diabetes town today, finally feeling better!! It's amazing how this heat wave has affected my blood sugar so much. I'm using way less insulin though! I used to use between 20-30 units of fast acting insulin a day and 30 units of long acting insulin in the evening. That's a BIG change for both!! #t1d#typeone#typeonediabetes#strugglebus

15 1 26-05-2017
  1. I had never been someone who loved to cook. 1.) I didn't like coming up with meals every day. 2.) I didn't like spending an hour or more in the kitchen cooking a big meal and then when it came time to eat everyone was done in 10 minutes. 3.) I didn't like having to plan ahead and designate set dinners each day because I was someone who liked to eat what I was in the mood for...not something that I planned out 2 weeks ago! 4.) I wanted to make meals that were QUICK, but quick didn't always = HEALTHY. 5.) I thought for it to be a good dinner it need to be elaborate and be a big, hearty meal. Something needed to change. So I changed. I found a meal plan and lifestyle where I COULD make quick, healthy meals that EVERYONE liked. I only make ONE dinner each night & the kids eat EXACTLY what my husband & I do, and they LIKE the foods! The more I expose my kids to healthy foods, the MORE they WANT it. They may balk at it the first few times, but eventually they try it & have found lots of new foods that they really LOVE. My boys are requesting things like SALAD to go along with the main dish, SALMON for dinner, HUMMUS to eat with colored raw PEPPERS, shaved PARMESAN cheese on their ZUCCHINI! The dinners we have in our home are made with healthy food from all the food groups & don't take me all night to make. I have a meal plan that I create weekly & share with the other women in my fitness group. I also share DAILY recipes that are easy to make and taste delicious so you have new meals to share with your family. I want to give you the same help with meals! Family time is SO important. We hear about how families need to spend more time together around the dinner table. Enjoy each other's company, start conversations, develop deeper relationships, and enjoy that QUAILTY time together. Life is short, so make every moment count. And if I can help you provide healthy meals for your family and take some of the stress off of you having to plan them, I would LOVE to do so! Message me to get added into my June 5th group so you can also enjoy the meal plans & recipes I share. I want you to be happy about what you are feeding your family! #JArisingstars

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  1. My #dayofeating. I threw away all the candy in the house today. After I ate some. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Idk. Today was my husband's birthday so that's where the angel food cake and strawberries came in and we had Mexican tonight to celebrate. My monthly should be here within the next few days so maybe I can get handle on this once that's over. Anyways, there it is. My belly hurts so I'm headed to bed with my baby who fell off the bed today and scared the shit out of me. She seems to be okay, thank God! #fitfam #fitmom #fitlife #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosscommunity #weightlosstransformation #weightlossmotivation #foodie #foodaddict #foodaddiction #strongwomen #progressnotperfection #strugglebus #struggle #goaldigger #goals #loveyourself #weightlosssupport