5 0 30-04-2017
  1. There's glass between my teeth I'm Bleeding on this piece of paper. The internet said I can write my way home, I can write 3 pages every day. Explain the cons and pros, if I read them enough my hands may become purple light spheres, but you can't ever explain love so i may end up with no spheres and a whole bunch of...nothing - lonely few months pause- 3 that was long. The lessons repeat until I don't learn them. I'm a jail sentence, the diagnosis is. I'm not sure I can explain it. The streets in my city were more manageable at 3 am than those 3 pages of scribbles with my paragraphs of never ending bullshit, even though I knew I could be killed or robbed at any time those streets were a home to my unending bassasery and stupidity. I miss the home I was when I was home. Your absence is like chewing on glass, I'm uncomfortable in the contortions of my own muscles, I feel like someone is peeling me off of the wall and smashing me between their fingers. God bless this brain... Please, pray for it, I need it. He has thrown me out to sea, the sea I built out of paper matche and distortion. He is adding salt to it so it burns, he is letting me drown to see if I swim. I'm a fish bitch. Not really, I'm a woman and there's no sea and I'm not navigating anything correctly and tonight is full of ants. I will add it to those months and hope morning comes and it is a whole bunch of years later and my hair is white and I suffer from amnesia and I have a Victorian house where I grow vegetables. The person you want to be vs the person you are is a fight won by reality. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #art #poetry #painting #colors #bullshit #things #stuff #words