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  1. ChicagoJustice Season1Episode10 Anna Valdez (Monica Barbaro) is finding out that the new defense attorney is an old law school classmate taking on her first trial. Peter Stone (Philip Winchester) does not care, or maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Stone: You can meet the Haleys. They’re the parents of the little girl your client killed. @chicagojusticefans #sundays #nbc#9pm#newlegaldrama

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  1. ChicagoJustice So let’s get our fake trial on. Stone plays coy but starts questioning the cousin on the details of the day of Laura Haley’s death. He produces the murder weapon and gets the kid to handle it, proving that he knows the magazine release is inoperable, therefore tying the gun to him and getting him arrested. Of course, this is only step one—he’ll need a second, real trial to convict. @chicagojusticefans #legaldrama #nbc#sundays#9pm#4thchicagoshow #dickwolfproductions