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  1. 1. Grounding - When was the last time you felt the earth under your bare feet? Or when was the last time you hugged a tree? If you have been struggling to concentrate or get your stuff done it can be your bodies way of asking of a dose of grounding. This is done by simply connecting your body to the earth and allowing yourself to feel centred entered and connected. Find some time today to give yourself a recalibration of the Gaia persuasion. 2. Rebirth - We are less than a week away from the New Moon in Aries and you are all ready to rock and roll with rebirthing a project, idea, relationship or even your daily life. It is never too late to begin something new or to begin again. Give yourself permission to go after what you want, but also do yourself a favour and make sure you are doing it the prepared way so that you get long term results and real change in return for your energy. 3. Silence - Sometimes you donโ€™t have to say anything. Silence can be even more powerful than words. You are being asked today to pay attention to what is not being said just as much as what is being said. We often hear what people are saying, but truly listening takes more than just your ears. Connect and be truly present to the people in your life and hear what is not being said. Oracle Deck Used - Awakened Soul Oracle

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