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  1. Stand upright in the face of adversity, each of us is meant to be bold. - God gave us a spirit of power and love, not of timidity or fear. - I remind you of how powerful each of us are, from our hearts and minds we posses an ability to create or destroy. - Use your God given gifts wisely. Think before you speak, practice being more like God. If you want to know how that is, be more like Jesus, be ye Holy as I AM holy. - From our mouths we create life or death. Want a better life then speak it into existence. - I'm not just talking of money, cars or sex. I'm talking about life everlasting and love eternal. (Heaven on earth) - What we do affects everyone, you affect me, I affect you. We affect them and so on and so on. - Together we live within this amazing world, though many have fallen away, we are all brothers and sisters. - Treat your family with lovingkindness. Be kind to everyone, be the person you wish to meet and if someone's in need don't wait for them to ask for help before you decide to give it. - If you can then give. Give and you will receive from God. He repays for you doing His work. - My friends, we can do anything we can believe upon wholeheartedly. Set your sights on high and then go after it. - I'm rooting for you. - #GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #AswanCreationsLLC #JamesMartinez #IAMTheScientist #Art #ArtImitatesLife #AustinTexas #ATX #HeavenIsForReal #JamesMartinezMinistries

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  1. Daily we are bombarded with all sorts of words of men's wisdom, we are overwhelmed by varying counsels from our friends, the media, even within the body of Christ and this is greatly building confusion and weariness in the hearts of not just a few. The only way to survive the onslaught on our journey to a closer walk with God is to HAVE and KNOW the Spirit of Truth. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, l but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come John 16:13 ESV.  Join us tomorrow @rccgtheshelter as we hear God speak to us about the SPIRIT OF TRUTH. Please invite a friend and come let's worship and feed on the word of God together. We look forward to seeing you in church!  Venue: RCCG The Shelter 3rd Floor, plot 302 Gbagada/Oworonshoki expressway Lagos Time: 8am We love you!!! #RCCGTheShelter #TheLifeINowLive #TheSpiritOfTruth #TheHolySpirit #Comforter #Teacher #Youth #Development #SpiritualFood #KnowingGod #iLoveGodUnashamed