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  1. Pollie has been up and down during therapy these last few days. Yesterday, day 3 - she was very, very tired 😴 She was really upset, which her Nanna found very difficult to watch....... The therapists have been working her so hard - she was exhausted yesterday; her leg was shaking when she'd finished, and she flinched when I touched her right shoulder 😭 She had an early night last night after a massage with Magnesium Oil for her achy muscles, and today she was much brighter! Today she was the best I've seen her this week, shouting out to the other kids and therapists (to all of you that know Pollie,know she likes to be heard ) 😊. And to make her day complete Pollie's TA and Teacher from school recorded a video message from all of Pollie's class for her. They said ' Hi Pollie, We Miss you, Keep Going, We Love You' ❤. I can't express how happy this made Pollie, and I - she has watched it over and over. Thankyou Kirk Sandall Infant School - she misses you all too ❤ #NAPACenter #Neurosuit #intensivephysio #NAPAUK #inclusive #KSInfants #TOWIE #cerebralpalsy #epilepsy #hydrocephalus #therapies

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  1. Today is a giving day! There's been so many wise words and breakthroughs in the air and it's only afternoon! Giving and receiving must be in balance, we have to give in order to receive - we always have to somehow pay for what we want to be receiving. I'm not talking about painful things, sweat and tears or money but more likely about the old idea what goes around comes around. The choices that we make all day long and the feelings we choose to approach others and life in general: with compassion, understanding that requires that we are willing to release those old egoistic way of thinking that stops creativity. It's so delicate and sensitive: life responds so fast to our inner calling. So if you want increase happiness, success and love pay carefully attention to those tiny daily details, your input and output and allow yourself to see, give and receive all that you truly want. (photo @ryanmfranco) #freetobeyou #feeltoheal

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  1. I love providing exceptional therapies, so pleased you enjoyed your facial with Jasmin & Neroli oils! #massage #aromatherapy #smallsteps #smallbusiness #successfulmums #customerservice combined with great products and education. Thank you Indu for your compliment yesterday. @_.eve_taylor @lasultanedesabaofficiel @dermalogicauk #thursdaymotivation #customer #beautyblogger #beautyondemand #spa #throwback #holistic #beautytherapist #facial #naturalbeauty #natural #relaxation #therapies #nyr #antiaging

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  1. 'Do not dwell in the past do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.' - Buddha