10 0 30-04-2017
  1. Damn -- #ThisMadeMeSmile - (and tear 😢 a bit) to think, I would have had a child of my own right now, about the same age... this totally would have been me ... #FatherDaughterGoals .. part of why this has been harder than mosts, is because of our mutual hopes for a rainbow that never came .... I will say this, we may have become simply #PeopleWithMemories, but one thing is for certain, the pain we both felt in our mutual loss is something that will forever be a fabric of our lives.... I wish her and her children well, even if things aren't well between us. ((( #LateGram thought 💭 )))

17 1 29-04-2017
  1. Either the first or second week of the spring quarter I was at the Coffee Bean getting a pastry and this is what I saw. It really brightened my day! 😀