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  1. Learning is something I do every single day. 💭When there's something I don't know much about I tend to ask a million questions and drive people insane. 😜 📢How can you be good at something if you aren't willing to learn? Yeah, you could hire someone to help you or do things for you but wouldn't you rather feel like you at least tried? 💬Maybe it's just me, I'm not sure. But I grew up being taught "life" things...except how to do the laundry till I was 18 😂...so, I guess it's instilled in me to try to figure it out on my own and ask for help when I need it. #thoughtoftheday #ascend #levelup #letsgo #ascendsocialmedia #ascendtofit #ascendlifestyle

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  1. #ThoughtOfTheDay Over the years, as a friend, a family member, a trainer and as a stranger I have been asked why I train regularly and why I even train at all. A lot of the time it's easy to be misguided, forgetting where we once started and why we once took the courage to make change in the first place. Regardless of present goals, we can easily forget how much progression we have made and get unnecessarily hard on ourselves when really we have overcome the person we once aspired to be. For me, my answer every time surprises a lot of people, but it's something I have always stood by and always will. From the hardships of being overweight as a youngster & growing up through negativity, to the understanding of future hereditary cardiovascular issues, my training has always had a greater Why, and that's to allow me to keep on top of the everyday battle that takes place upstairs. My Why is to essentially get me through each day. As far fetched as it may seem, the positivity generated from helping other people, and training myself allows me to keep in charge of my own thoughts, channel the angst & keep strong. There's days where I stand no chance and have to take a seat, only those close get to see this, but I will always try and use this as my therapy to not only help myself, but strive to help others. For those who know me well know I'm a bit weird. Tonight, with a heavy barbell, a horrendous outfit and some awesome music allowed me to feel that mental balance I have been struggling to find at times; it's a sort of meditation I guess, but if something makes your day that bit better, put time into it! No matter your reason WHY, whether it to be a top level athlete, to change your mindset towards living, or just drop a few pounds, take hold of your reason and look after it with all you have. That reason can be tarnished in this day and age if we focus externally and let negativity take it away from us. Never lose track of why you truly do it. Be that fitness, be that a business venture, be that a lifestyle. Never feel your not living up to expectation, do your bit to improve you and your WHY each day. Your a much stronger human than you think. #MindsetFirst