2 1 30-04-2017
  1. Finally done with my light switch plate! It is shimmery and has little rhinestones all over, as well as bubbles and mermaid scales! It took me wayyy longer than it had to, I was just super lazy and unmotivated. I've been really busy and haven't had time to create any new art or post, so I'm so sorry☹️I try hard to be active but I've been feeling super unmotivated :( this switch plate was inspired by @dacraftylilninja as well as our Caribbean vacation!🏝it was so beautiful there and I even included some seashells that we collected there! We swam with wild turtles so I included a cute little turtle as well :) btw I'm editing a vlog for my Caribbean cruise vacation and I'm trying to get that up asap. But I've also been really lazy with YouTube as well, fmllllll😑🙁😣aaannyway hope you like it!