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  1. Don't miss our Earth Day sale!! See precious post to save 20%. 🌱 β€’ β€’ Last week @owlyouneedisscrub tagged me to do a 20 facts about me so here goes! 1. My husband and I have known each other since we were 8, he knew he would marry me then 😍 2. I have 2 boys who are my total world. 3. I have a dog who's literally as big as I am. 🐢 4. I'm part Italian which makes my family super close and everything deserves a celebration. 5. I love worship music, I can't go a day without it. 6. I once sang on a worship team and it's one of my favorite chapters of my life 7. I never dreamed I would own a small shop. 8. I went to school online earning two degrees, Assoc. Of Accounting and a BSBA in Finance. 9. I love ice cream. 10...I don't drink milk though. 11. I was a total dare devil growing up, now I'm safety mom πŸ˜‚ 12. I have a dimple, but it's a scar from puncturing my cheek on a chair. 13. I love to camp and be outside. 14. I've never fully dyed my hair, just highlights. 15. I love living in Pennsylvania. 16. My shoe size is 5 which makes buying shoes difficult. 17. I used to bowl in a league, we once were the champions. 18. I dream of owning an 1960's VW bus 19. My favorite flower is a sunflower. 20. My favorite verse is Romans 8:28. If I tag you drop your 20!! β™‘ Tee from @finfirst

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  1. Bloomer love, little legs and socks, I can't deal 😍 Our floral bloomers in Mist, as always 100% Cotton πŸ™Œ β–« ️▫️ β–« ️▫️ β–« ️▫️ #thewanderingblush #summer #summerclothing #springfashion #kidsclothing #handmade #toddlerootd #madeinnz #smallbusiness #creatorslane #handmadeisbetter #kidsfashion #kidsclothing #fashionkids #stylekids #favehandmade #makersvillage #ethicalfashion #winter #autumn #winterfashion #pretty #girlsoutfit #girlsfashion #toddler