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  1. It was a cool winter night. I exited the doors of the lord's holy house to see an angelic figure burning marshmallows and melting my heart over a roaring fire. The light from the flames danced on his pale skin along with the finger tips of danger. The breeze from the coast nipped at my arms. As I approached the one man I ever truly loved I wondered if he felt the same. I could feel my heart pounding faster with ever stride toward this godly human being. When I was inches away from his radiant form I placed my hand upon his masculine, broad shoulders. My stomach quaked as I I tried to push my heart through my teeth. I stood before him. His piercing eyes gazed at me. He was gorgeous, absolutely stunning. "Max," I finally managed to utter, "I'm in love with you." I said quickly. His luscious lips parted. He began to speak now focusing back to the burnt marshmallow. Impatiently I waited for a reply. What did this model of a man have to say to me? "Okay." He said it sharp and plainly. That word. That single, small, insignificant word cut me like a dagger. That word stabbed me in the stomach like a serrated kitchen knife twisting and jabbing, showing no mercy. That word still cuts me to this day. Every time I think about that cold dark night the knife gets pushed just a little deeper. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #writing #writer #fanfiction #dramatic #love #brokenheart #sadgirl #truestary #rejection #ilovedhim #hebrokemyheart #ideservedit #β„’

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  1. LEVI SPAM!!! This is Levi's crew! You don't wonna go messing with them! They'll take you down faster then you could say "Levi's a totally hottie!" True story. #levi#attackontitan#spam#truestary#hottie#anime#manga#crew#awesome#love