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  1. Тренінги-семінари "Громадські організації: ефективні комунікації з владою та консультації з громадськістю". Перший день. Дякуємо @penkova.nadiia @viktoriiaagentaeva, Світлана Олєйнікова та Дмитро Арабаджиев! І, звісно, нашим учасникам! #undp #тренінги #громадськарада

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  1. Dördüncü BM Küresel Yol Güvenliği Haftası, hızın tehlikeleriyle ilgili anlayışı artırmayı ve hızı kontrol altına almaya yönelik önlemler üzerinde harekete geçmeyi ve böylelikle yaşamları yollarda kurtarmayı hedeflemektedir. The Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week seeks to increase understanding of the dangers of speed and generate action on measures to address speed, thereby saving lives on the roads. #slowdown #speed #speedmanagement #roadsafety #UNDP #WHO #BM #DSÖ #kids #city #road #driver #drive #karayolutrafikgüvenliği #sürücü #yolculuk #yollar #çocuklar

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  1. Day 16! Liridona Osmanaj is an @oneyoungworld #Ambassador born and raised in #Kosovo. After studying abroad, she returned home immediately, at a time when many young people were fleeing the country. She said, ‘it is the dissatisfaction with the existing situation that spurs me in the charge and preservation to drive change.’ She believes that the optimism and belief that a large youth population presents is a unique demographic dividend that can contribute to creating long lasting prosperous societies. Liridona has been a member of #PIKS, an #NGO founded in Kosovo to empower young people, from the outset. She served in the role of Project Manager where she co-led the KMUNA Project, initiated and co-led the Inside Out Project, and initiated and led the Upshift KMUNA project. Currently, she works for the Anti-Corruption Programme of #UNDP as a Municipal Project Officer. Her objective is to stamp out corruption through various innovative approaches and technology. She is determined to continue to find ways, with like-minded people that are willing to collaborate, to maximize the efforts of making her community - and to that extent - the world a better place. On International Women’s Day, Liridona said, ‘it is important to me because it is a time to globally celebrate women as well as acknowledge the vital role of women as the foundation of families, communities and the world as a whole.' 'Women are too often overlooked as drivers of progress in society. So, #IWD is also a time to jointly put emphasis on the discrimination that women face every day. When the #suffragettes marched the streets, they envisioned a world where men and women would be truly equal. A century later, we are still squinting, trying to bring that vision into life. Thus, I am driven by a deep-seated desire to contribute to making that vision a reality, because I believe that women have had enough, but I also recognize the fact that empowering women, ensuring they have equal rights as their male counterparts, will have a powerful positive ripple effect on families and communities.’ #impossibletoignore #IWD2017 #BeBoldforChange #goal5 #heforshe #genderparity #IWD

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  1. Predstavljanje aktivnosti na realizaciji projekta "Lokalne samouprave, organizacije civilnog društva i mediji za odgovornije javne finansije ". Finansijski podržan od strane #UNDP , Švajcarske agencije za razvoj, a nosilac je Beogradski fond za političku izuzetnost, partneri ANEM, Protecta i Grad Niš. #publicfinance #visitnis #MojNis #Niš #Serbia #Srbija