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  1. This spring we were approached to work on a special project for New York Times best selling author, Eric Metaxas. Socrates In The City provides a platform in which people can begin a dialogue on "Life, God, and other small topics" by hearing a notable thinker and writer. We are excited to share a first glimpse of the new web platform we are working on. #webdesign #design #webproject

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  1. Wireframing P2. Details, although blurred for privacy, are coming together. Not all windows will be in focus, but this sketch shows about 4-5 different states of this tool. I'll break it down​ when I digitize so it's more digestible for users, probably by dimming parts of the screen when not editable. Of course this isn't set in stone. #ux #uxdesign #wireframing #sketchbook #roguedesign

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