13 0 26-04-2017
  1. The long journey of my 100% completion of breath of the wild is finally over. After roughly 160 hours I have gotten all 900 Korok seeds, completed 120 shrines and the 42 shrine quests, all 76 side quests, the sub boss medals from Kilton which had 40 Stone Talus 40 Hinox and 4 Molduga to defeat, every horse armor set, every armor piece with them being fully upgraded (excluding amiibo armors) and 385 pictures taken for the Hyrule Compendium album. This was such a great game, but not one I would want to complete again. Now to attempt my 3 heart challenge! #Nintendo #Completionist #Zelda #LegendOfZelda #BreathOfTheWild #Switch #WiiU #Journey #Impossible #WhyDidIDoThis?