2 3 24-02-2017
  1. This was literally me tonight, like "OK, 3 more minutes until you have 20 minutes left 😂 #cardiomath Anyway, another two a day Thursday - arms in the AM; LISS in the PM

4 2 24-02-2017
  1. #littlebantamtruth • some EPIC news today about my neck • my Sports Physician has gone through my MRI and assured me that my bulged discs are in fact normal given my Kyphosis • the bulging is an illusion you could say and all the discomfort I have been dealing with is in fact overworked muscles • my body trying TO DAMN HARD to stand up straight + protect my neck 😳 • Basically I've been told to RELAX and not try so hard! Wow, mind blown 💥 Look forward to sharing what I learnt with you in the coming weeks • it's nice to know I still have plenty I can learn about and I intend on sharing it will you all 👍🏾 • In the mean time have a RIPPER weekend and RELAX DUDES 😜✌🏾️ 📷@van_tura_