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Top-Ranked Accredited Online High Schools for Adults

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When searching for the right online high school program for your kid, you may consider whether you need to be enrolled in an online high school program for adults.

Before you decide to enroll in an adult online high school diploma program, think about your motives and the reasons to earn a high school diploma. A high school diploma may win you competency for more jobs.

Now there’re various online high school programs for adults. You just need to do some research and choose an accredited online high school with an adult program. Several best-rated accredited online high schools for adults are introduced for your reference.

EdOptions Online Academy High School Diploma Program for Adults

At EdOptions Online Academy, you’ll never be too old to finish high school and earn a diploma. Two online high school diploma programs are created for adult students. After receiving top-notch education at EdOptions Online Academy, you’ll be fully prepared for success. Adult graduates can also access better career opportunities at any age. To accommodate the needs of adult students with demanding schedules, the high school diploma programs provide flexible and self-paced online courses. These online courses can be taken 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Both high school diploma programs allow adult students to take courses via two options, the standard Full Course Mode and the Accelerated Assessment Mode. Unlike the Full Course Mode, the accelerated Assessment Mode includes automated assessments. According to the assessment results, each student will get an individualized course of study to better help adult students.

EdOptions Online Academy adult high school programs can prepare graduates for lifelong learning, employment and further education as well. In order to earn an online high school diploma, you must complete a total of 21 credits for core courses and electives. Please notice that you should complete the graduation requirements in a maximum of five years.

You may be worried about the accreditation. EdOptions Online Academy has gained accreditation from two accrediting agencies, including Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and Southern Association Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). So your online high school diploma will be recognized by nationwide colleges and employers alike.

Bridgeway Adult High School Diploma Program

It can be intimidating for adults to go back to school and earn a high school diploma. However, Bridgeway Academy can make your dream come true. The Bridgeway Adult High School Diploma program is created to help you earn a high school diploma. This adult program is not available to anyone. The program is initially provided for people exceeding 18 years of age, who have not yet earned a high school diploma.

This high school program is regionally accredited by the Southern States Association of Colleges and Schools (SCAS CASI). Bridgeway High School is also proud to have earned accreditation from National Association of Private Schools (NAPS). So you can totally rely on this distance learning program to receive quality high school education.

As long as you’re enrolled in this program, an expert educational advisor will provide professional guidance and track your progress during the process of earning your high school diploma. Your advisor always understands the unique needs of adults who do not have a certified diploma.

Since you may be taking a full-time job to raise your family, the program allows you to complete all required courses completely at your own pace. As Bridgeway High School has an open registration policy, so you can take online classes anytime you wish as long as you’re accepted and enrolled into the program.

Students less than 18 years old do not qualify for the program. Adult applicants must submit official high school transcripts that are sent directly from their previous high school. Plus entrance exams or diagnostic tests will have to be taken to gain admission to the program. Of course, you need to pay the registration fees. The Bridgeway Adult High School Diploma program also features affordable tuition rates.

• Level 1 – $1,695 (16-20 credits)

• Level 2 – $1,495 (11-15 credits)

• Level 3 – $1,295 (6-10 credits)

• Level 4 – $995 (up to 5 credits)

Franklin Virtual High School Adult Program

Franklin Virtual High School aims to provide high school education for students of all ages. Two major options are available to adult students. If you’re seeking a high school diploma, the FVHS presents two 100% online programs, namely Franklin Virtual High School Career Prep program and College Prep High School Diploma program.

The FVHS Career Prep High School Diploma program can prepare adults students for direct job opportunities. If you’re interested in attending a trade or vocational school, this online diploma program is also right for you. On the contrary, if you’re planning to attend a four-year college or university, the College Prep High School Diploma program can be considered.

FVHS also prepares another program for adults, Adult High School Fast Track Program. If you have no time to enroll in as a full-time student, this Fast Track program will be the perfect option. This program is only provided for adult students (18+). Compared with the regular online high school program, the FVHS Adult High School Fast Track program is much easier. You just need to complete six test sections, including writing, reading, essay, social studies, math fundamentals and science fundamentals.

After passing all these tests, you’ll be asked to complete a comprehensive self-assessment. Then you’ll have to pass a standard 5 paragraph essay. After that, you’ll be ready to graduate from this program. It’s really simple!

Any of the three online high school programs is a good bet for adult students. In fact, there’re many other online high school programs available to adults, such as Stanley High School. You can always choose the most suitable program to achieve your goals.

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