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Two Online MBA Programs at Liberty University

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With more than 100 online bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs, Liberty University Online provides plenty of degree programs for worldwide students.

In order to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace, we always need to update and strengthen our skills and expertise. For those who would like to get an online MBA degree, Liberty University Online has two options: 36-credit-hour MBA program and 45-credit-hour MBA program.

Basics about the Two Online MBA Programs

Many people choose to earn an MBA degree to enhance career development in business and related fields. If you have the same goals and want to have the opportunity for promotion and associated salary increase, the two online MBA degrees offered through Liberty University might be your best bet.

You must be concerned about the cost of earning your online MBA degree. Since Liberty University Online is a non-profit institution, students can enjoy the lowest tuition rates among top online universities. The tuition rates for online MBA courses are $448 per credit hour.

So your total cost would be $16,128 if you choose the 36-hour MBA program. However, if you opt for the 45-credit-hour MBA program, you’ll have to pay $20,160. Compared with many other online MBA degree programs, Liberty University Online charges much lower tuition fees.

As you know, the two MBA programs are 100% online. With the online delivery format, you can finish the MBA programs completely online. Your virtual classroom experience can be flexible and challenging.

Another question also deserves your attention. If you prefer to be enrolled in the 36-hour online MBA program, 36 credit hours are required to get your degree. A maximum of 6 credit hours can be transferred in. As far as 45-hour MBA program is concerned, Liberty University Online increases its graduation requirement to 45 total hours. Up to 12 credit hours from other institutions can be transferred in.

Potential Career Options for Graduates

Perhaps most enrolled students care much about their potential career options after earning their online MBA degree. Liberty University Online is guaranteed to broaden your career options.

If you select the 36-hour MBA program, your management skills will be strengthened and your knowledge will be stretched in various areas, like corporate responsibility, entrepreneurship and non-profit management. Graduates of this online MBA program will have several potential career options, including entrepreneur, corporate executive, export/import business, manager and business owner.

If you want to further pursue your education and career advancement, the 45-hour MBA program will be a better option. The program will allow you to choose and focus on a particular specialization. Liberty University Online offers various specializations for MBA students, such as accounting, criminal justice, human resources, marketing, leadership, project management, public relations, healthcare management, international business and public administration.

MBA graduates will have the option of choosing their career paths. Here, I’ll only list some possible potential career options for several popular specializations.


Career options


Audit accountant, auditor, business owner, finance manager

Human resource

Case worker, business owner, human resource manager, ministry worker

International business

Export/import business, global sales & marketing, global industry manager, international ministry worker


Entrepreneur, executive, manager

Admission Requirements for Liberty’s Online MBA Programs

When applying for the Master of Business Administration program at Liberty University Online, you’ll find that the two programs almost have the same admission requirements. If you’re interested in one of the two online MBA programs, please apply online or download a graduate application form. Complete the application form and submit via mail. A $50 application fee is required.

According to the admission requirements, MBA applicants also need to gather and submit many other documents. Try to collect the required application documents in advance.

• College transcripts – All official college transcripts are needed. Your official college transcript must be issued directly from your school. An acceptable official college transcript should be put in a sealed envelop with a signature across the back. You also need to scan/fax all unofficial college transcripts, which will be used for acceptance purposes. Unofficial college transcripts include your school’s name or logo printed on the document, cumulative GPA and list of completed courses and earned credit.

• Bachelor’s degree – Applicants must have a regionally or nationally accredited bachelor’s degree. A minimum of 3.0 GPA is required. In addition, Liberty University Online requires MBA applicants to have at least 15 hours of upper level undergraduate coursework in business.

• TOEFL transcript – Applicants who speak English as a second language must submit TOEFL transcripts. They must have a minimum score of 600 in the paper-based test, 250 in the computer-based test or 100 in the Internet-based test.

• Prerequisites for MBA students in accounting – If you choose accounting for your MBA study, you must take some required accounting courses prior to application, including taxation, auditing, principles of account I, principles of accounting II, intermediate accounting I and intermediate accounting II.

All required documents can be sent to the following address:

Liberty University Online Processing

1971 University Blvd.
Lynchburg, VA 24502

If you have any questions about your admission, please call 800-424-9596 or 434-582-7800. You can also fax to 888-301-3577. Or you may be able to send an email to

Which to choose?

Now you must have a better understanding of the two online MBA degrees. Have no idea of which to choose? In fact, it’s not a big decision anyway. As you know, the only difference between the two programs is the credit hour requirement. The 45-credit-hour MBA program enables students to choose a cognate. Thus you’ll be able to narrow your focus in a particular specialization. You can also have more potential career options.

Under the requirement of 45 credit hours, you can have more time to pursue your education. You’ll have greater chances for promotion and salary increases. Of course, you’ll need to pay more tuition fees for the 45-hour MBA program. Good news is that Liberty University Online offers affordable tuition rates. You only need to pay an extra $4,032 to earn your degree.

Therefore, if you want to have better career advancement, consider Liberty’s 45-credit-hout MBA program. It’s worth paying the extra tuition.

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