Alicia Hayward
Alicia Hayward – Wollongong | 25 | 💪🏼 👻 ahywrd

129 12 21-03-2017
  1. No my form is not the greatest and yes my veins are buldging out of my neck (😅) but that right there is a 90kg deadlift.. Chasing that 100kg again!!

159 11 13-03-2017
  1. Being my own #mondaymotivation after a few solid weeks of life chaos and shitty feels 😫 Mindset really is everything, and sometimes a reminder of just how far you have come is really necessary to push you further forward

49 12 08-03-2017
  1. A more natural approach to the ECA stack combining ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin, @maxsprotein T-DEX capsules act as a weight loss aid and stimulant to provide energy and mental focus to get through hard workouts and busy days! Plus anything that claims to "incinerate fat" is always a win! Excited to test out these bad boys! 🤗

74 2 30-01-2017
  1. This whole "No training for a week" thing is killlliiinng me 😫 Using this time off to restructure my program and refocus on my goals. Get me back into the gym already!