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  1. LEAK: MEET SAMSUNG’S FIRST DUAL CAMERA SMARTPHONE, THE SAMSUNG GALAXY C10 Find leaked picture of the Samsung Galaxy C10, the devices colour (rose gold), power button, antenna lines, and camera setup are the two details that are visible. Information on the specifications of the Galaxy C10 is little but we expect more leaks as the devices launch date draws near. Source: Androidheadline #Samsung #galaxy #Samsunggalaxy #c10 #leak #new #android #Androidnigeriaonline

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  1. MOTO G4 PLAY UNBOXING AND REVIEW: AFFORDABILITY MIXED WITH CLASS Home Android Phones  Moto G4 Play Review: Affordability Mixed With Class ANDROID PHONESANDROID REVIEWSFEATURED2REVIEWS MOTO G4 PLAY REVIEW: AFFORDABILITY MIXED WITH CLASS written by Mr Android  Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. Moto G4 Play Review The last time we did a review of a Lenovo product, we were talking about a slick and high end smartphone but it is very refreshing to review a mid-range smartphone that carries a lot of punch to even get rated as one of the high end devices we celebrate in Nigeria. This Moto G4 Play Review,at the end of the day will show us that class and affordability can go hand in hand.  In case you don’t know, below are the specifications of the Moto G4 Play: Display Size, Resolution: 5-inch; 1,280×720 pixels Dimensions (Inches): 5.7×2.8×0.39 in Weight(g): 137 g Mobile Software: Android 6.0 Marshmallow Camera: 8-megapixel back camera and 5-megapixel front-facing camera Video capture: 1080p HD Processor: 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Storage: 16GB RAM: 2GB Expandable Storage: Up to 128GB Battery: 2,800mAh (removable) @lenovo_nigeria @lenovo @lenovo_africa Here are a few excerpts from the device, the camera OS however kindly Read the full review at #unboxing #lenovomobile #Lenovomoto #review #handson #Androidnigeriaonline #smartphone #affordable #mobile

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  1. BEWARE OF RANSOMWARE: HOW IT WORKS AND PREVENTIVE MEASURES Ransomware virus, also known as Wannacry,  is often transmitted through emails and pop-ups. It’s capable of infecting and encrypting all files on a system or any smart device until a ransom is paid, which means an amount is paid for a decryption key. The ransomware hackers have succeeded in infecting over 300,000 computers over the weekend and made $60,000 in ransom payment.They use anonymous bitcoin wallet to collect the payments. How to Prevent Ransomware Virus A.K.A Wannacry Update your Software to the latest Microsoft Patch. Android and other platforms should do the same.Don’t open email attachments/links from unknown sources.Do not click pop-ups and applets on unknown websites and installing effective antivirus software for their mobile devices.Create a backup of all your data. Furthermore, the NCC said it has taken the following proactive measures in fulfilling its statutory mandate: “The Commission has advised Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to initiate regular assessment and audit of their cybersecurity readiness. All operators should continue to ensure that their backup/ disaster recovery strategies are in place and up to date; The Commission has further advised all operators to ensure continued deployment of effective firewalls, login passwords and antivirus management regime; The Commission is working towards creating a link with the Cybersecurity Alert System on its website so that current information on global cyber threats/incidents could be immediately communicated to stakeholders and will continue to provide more cybersecurity training for its staff.” image credit: Kaspersky Blog #safety #safe #ransomeware #prevention #apps #mobileapp #appupdate #tipsandtricks #androidtipsandtricks #androidphones #Androidnigeriaonline

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  1. THE INFINIX S2 REVIEW AND OUR IMPRESSIONS OF THE DEVICE Infinix S2 launched about 3 weeks ago. AndroidNigeria was given a unit for review. And for these past 2 weeks or so, we have put the phone to the test and the impressions we have of the device will make you desperate to own the device or not so desperate to own the device. For the Infinix S2, I am the chief tester; and I will be your guide in this review. Before we begin, if you are not familiar with the specifications of the Infinix S2, here is a recap. Display:2-inch HD RAM: 2GB RAM Internal Storage: 16GB ROM (expandable with microSD of up to 128GB) Processor: MT6753, Octa Core 1.3GHz OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow + XOS UI Camera: 13MP + 8MP (Front), 13MP (Rear) SIM: Dual (Hybrid) Battery: 3000mAh4G Support: Yes Along with the smartphone, these are other accessories in the box: 1 ejector pin 1 USB cable 1 power adapter 1 User guide 1 unit of earphones 1 protective film That is all there is to the specifications and accessories of the device. That said, the first impression you would likely get or I got on opening the S2’s pack was that the S2 was a spitting image of its predecessor, Infinix Hot S. It is not a great feeling, because it suggests that little effort was put into reinventing/improving the looks of the device but on the bright side, it means that the Infinix S2 has a premium look – more than enough to get a nod of approval and respect. Full review at #InfinixS2 #infinix #360° #androidsmartphone #device #unboxing #review #hands-on #by #androidnigeria#androidnigeriaonline

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  1. INFINIX HAS RELEASED ANDROID 7.0 UPDATES VIA OTA FOR THE INFINIX NOTE 3/ S2/ZERO 4 OR HOT 4. Infinix OTA updates are now available for Infinix S2, Infinix Zero 4, Note 3 & HOT 4 to upgrade to Android 7.0 OS. Infinix has put into consideration the time it takes to download the updates depending on your network/location. We have improvised to release a New System Update App to help you download OTA updates at a breeze. The new System Update App is embedded with new OTA server, which gives users an improved speed when downloading an update. It also eliminates the problem of restarting update and update-failed error. How does it work? Note: Battery must be plugged in to charge or must be charged above 60% to implement the OTA Upgrade. Step 1 – Download the App using this Link ( Step 2 – Install the Downloaded APK Step 3 – Open the APK and Wait for it to automatically load the Update Step 4 – Click Download for the OTA upgrade Step 5 – Restart your smartphone after the update is complete Afterwards,you can start enjoying the feature’s of Android Nougat. Cheers Source:Infinix mobility #Infinix #infinixnigeria #infinixmobility #androidupdate #upgrade #OTA #OTAupgrade #android7.0 #androidnigeria #Androidnigeriaonline

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  1. SAMSUNG UNVEILS ANOTHER TIZEN POWERED DEVICE, SAMSUNG Z4 If simple is what you like, you should check out the new Samsung Z4 – it just might be what you need. Designed with social media and simplicity in mind, the Samsung’s latest Tizen-powered smartphone steers clear from challenging the Android OS. The Z4 comes with a 4.5″ display screen, so it is smaller than almost every other handsets on the marketplace. The display has a 2.5D curved glass and a simple 480 x 800px screen resolution. Under the hood, Samsung Z4 sports a quad-core 1.5GHz processor chip clubbed with 1GB of RAM memory and runs Tizen 3.0. For selfies, you get a 5MP camera equipped with flash (f/2.2). The primary camera on the back is virtually identical – 5MP sensor bounded by a LED flash on either side. The Video Turn feature allows both cams to work in concert, taking views from both in a single video. There is gesture and speech control for the camera and the phone as a whole. #Samsung #tizen #samsungtizen #flash #simple #launch #new #quad-core #androidupdate #androidnigeria #Androidnigeriaonline

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  1. GET READY FOR AFRICA’S $30 SMARTPHONE A South African startup, Onyx Connect will next month begin the mass production of a smartphone that will become Africa’s first $30 smartphone. The device will sport all the necessary features of a smartphone including a 4-inch screen, 1GB RAM, and 8GB ROM. Onyx promises consumers that the device will come with nearly zero bloatware and will run Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. Onyx says it has also tackled the universal issue of battery life by embedding an app in the phone that allows users to charge the phone a lot faster and give them extra battery life “The reason you’re getting a 30 percent faster charging time is because we’re turning off all the applications running in the back while charging, “We’re not putting in an extra charge.” the Company’s Sales director Van der Merwe explains. The Johannesburg based startup revealed that its target market is the users of low end devices. The upcoming device will support 3G connectivity, giving consumers a great value for less. Source:CNN #source #smartphone #androidphones #onyx #southafrica #Androidnigeriaonline

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  1. DIGITAL REPUTATION OF YOUR CHILD – USE PARENTAL CONTROL APP FOR ANDROID Your child’s digital reputation plays a huge role in shaping their personality directly and indirectly. It is a parent’s responsibility to guide their kids about maintaining a positive digital conduct. To help your child build an appreciable digital reputation, here is what you can teach them: 1. Digital Reputation Stays Forever Your child’s digital reputation comprises of the content they create online or by the comments they make on different posts. It includes all the information about your child which is available on the web. Remind your kids that in the current landscape of technology and social networking sites, they leave their digital footprints everywhere and that content stays on the web forever. What your child posted once on social media, can turn up several years later too. 2. Digital Reputation Influences Their College Admission Educate your child that anything they post online can be seen by professionals who may judge their digital reputation as commendable or condemnable for college admissions. Many college applicants get rejected based on their poor portrayal of values and morals on social networking sites. Parents need to make sure that their kids are aware of the dos and don’ts of social media before stepping into the digital world. 3. Digital Reputation Can Become a Source of Embarrassment Your teenager may not realize that the content they post on social media can be accessed and critically analyzed by their mentors, bosses or office colleagues even in the future. A digital slip-up in teen years can hurt their reputation, once they enter their professional lives. For instance, if a person’s office colleagues find out their explicit pictures which they may have sent to someone as a teenager, then the digital reputation can become a source of embarrassment. Read more at #parentalcontrol #androidforchildren #safety #parent #children #android #androidapp #androidsecurity #androidnigeria