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3 1 27-06-2017
  1. Daily Wisdom - 1 Peter 5:8-9 Let's be honest, life is not the easiest or most enjoyable sometimes. There are moments when it can feel like the whole world is coming down on you. I take those moments and realize that the enemy, the devil, is looking for those who are losing faith. He wants to break you down and make you lose your hope in God. He has already lost and he knows it. The only aim he has on this earth now is to distract and to distance as many people as he can from God. Don't listen to his lies or feed into his tactics. Surround yourself with a group of people who can uplift you and support you and walk through these times with you. Keep your head up and keep your focus on God. Sometimes it can feel as if he isn't around but I can assure you that sometimes he is simply standing to your right and you're looking left. Dig deeper into his word and don't let the lies of the enemy fool you. Jesus has overcome and given us hope! #dailywisdom #godswisdom #tuesdayscripture #tuesdaytruth #tuesdaymorning #goodmorning #goodmorningpost #bealertandofsobermind #yourenemythedevil #prowlslikearoaringlion #lookingforsomeonetodevour #resisthim #standingfirminthefaith #thefamilyofbelievers #areundergoingthesamekindofsufferings #1peter5v8and9 #haveablessedandwonderfulday

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  1. Daily Inspiration - Struggle Life is a never ending struggle. Whether small or big, we are always struggling with something. Maybe it is finding the matching sock. Pretty small in life. Finances, employment, loss; those are some pretty big struggles. What about when we are struggling all around in life and it seems like no end in sight? We must use our struggles as learning opportunities. Taking each one and breaking it down into more simpler tasks and explanations therefore making it easier to overcome. Nothing in life is impossible for the very word says I'm possible. Don't let your struggles overtake you but rather overtake your struggles. #dailyinspiration #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #tuesdaytalk #tuesdaymorning #goodmorning #goodmorningpost #struggle #struggling #perserverance #pushon #keepgoing #nevergiveup #overcome #learn #keeplearning #strugglesarereal #strugglesoflife #leanontoothers #supportsystem #keepyourheadup #haveagreatdayeveryone

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  1. A couple of lovelies from Saturday. One wanted to be a cooler blonde so we added some ash toned lowlights and another wanted her balayage more blended and to be cooler as well. Touched up the angled bob haircut and gave her a nice shape on the back. Perfect for summer! #supercuts #supercutsportagecrossing #supercutsstylist #cosmetologist #hairstylist #haircolor #angledbob #ashblondehair #paulmitchellcolor #paulmitchellfocus #balayage #lowlights #ilovemyjob #summerready☀️

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  1. Daily Wisdom - 1 John 4:15 I love this verse a lot. It really reminds me that God is always walking with me and he is always by my side. Technically, he dwells within me, or rather His spirit does. This verse also reminds us that we have to believe in the cause of Christ and that he is he Son of God. We must also remember though, that if we accept Jesus into our hearts and we believe he died for us and for our sins and that he IS the Son of God, when God puts the Holy Spirit into our life we begin to change from within. Our lives no longer are our own, but rather we live for God and we live to have a relationship with God. Believing is one thing but it takes true acceptance to let him work in your heart. True acceptance isn't just believing. It is also about behavior change. I believe that it is impossible to truly accept Christ into your life and not be changed. It all goes back to being a believer vs being a follower. Believing is one thing but to actually follow Christ's example is a completely different thing. Has God changed your heart and mind over time? What experiences have you had with following God? Share your stories below! #dailywisdom #godswisdom #fridayscripture #fridaymorning #goodmorning #goodmorningpost #allwhodeclare #jesusisthesonofgod #godlivesinthemandtheyingod #believeandfollow #jesuschrist #sonofgod #beafollowernotjustabeliever #1john4v15 #haveablessedandwonderfulday

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  1. Daily Inspiration - Worry Good Morning! If you're anything like me, then you may tend to worry about all sorts of things. Some silly and some not so silly. There are some things that it is ok to be a little stressed over, and then there are things that we stress and worry about and look back and realize that it was such a waste of time to worry about that particular thing. Worry does not change things. It doesn't do anyone any good. Worrying or anticipating trouble only steals the happiness and joy from the day, from the moment you're in right now. How would your life be different if instead of worrying about things you took a deep breath and just let things happen as they naturally will? By all means if you CAN do something about a situation or moment that will positively affect it, then go ahead. If you can do only something negative or nothing at all then just sit back and relax. Worrying only affects the worrier. Don't let something you can't control anyways steal the joy of your day and cause you to miss out on the awesome and amazing things going on around you! If you keep your focus on the "sunlight" you will be just fine! #dailyinspiration #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #friday #fridaymorning #fridayflow #goodmorning #goodmorningpost #worry #anticipation #anxiety #letitgo #relax #staypositive #positivitybreedspositivity #joy #happiness #trust #haveagreatdayeveryone

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  1. Daily Wisdom - 1 John 2:6 This verse is a great reminder of the example I must be for others. That when I am saved by God, through Christ's ultimate sacrifice, then I am called to live life a little differently. I cannot continue on my own path, doing as I please. Once I accept Christ into my heart, it is said the Holy Spirit comes and dwells within me, helping me like a navigator of this life. Anything that I do outside of God's will and God's word should tug at my heart and convict me. Sometimes it takes a while, as this new nature is but in seed form. We don't simply leave our old ways behind immediately and start to perfectly follow Christ's example. Over time however, we start to behave and think more like Christ and the things that break God's heart begin to break ours as well. As a follower of Christ, I welcome my fellow Christian friends to hold me accountable to my behaviors, words and actions. I delight in following Christ, and while I don't do so perfectly, I am constantly working to be a better example of Christ in this world. I encourage you today to reflect on your walk with Christ. As God to search your heart and point out anything that may be out of the way he has called us to live. Then ask him to work in your heart to draw you closer to him and help you become more like Christ. We don't change our habits overnight, but through the help of trusted friends who can be our accountability and God's divine nature and the Holy Spirit guiding us, we can become more like Christ in time. #dailywisdom #godswisdom #wednesdaywisdom #goodmorning #goodmorningpost #wearehis #christian #christslove #followtheexampleofjesuschrist #followerofjesus #betheexample #reflectchristdaily #heartchange #ittakestime #itstartsasaseed #wateryourseedsdaily #convictionoftheholyspirit #1john2v6 #haveablessedandwonderfulday

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  1. Daily Inspiration - Music I have always found music to be something more meaningful to me. I have been a person who you could always tell how I was feeling because of the music I listened to. I would typically wear my heart on my sleeve in the form of music. Music can do a lot of things. It can help us celebrate the happy moments, it can allow us to cry and just work through the sad moments, it helps us to create memories; some we never want to forget and sometimes music creates memories that are far too painful to forget. Music can be used for many things. It is a way to express what you cannot simply just say but you also don't want to leave silent. What are some favorite artists or songs you like to listen to? Comment below! #dailyinspiration #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #wednesdaymorning #goodmorning #goodmorningpost #music #musicislife #musicispowerful #🎧 #🎤 #musicgenres #haveagreatdayeveryone