Tracy McMahon
Tracy McMahon – "When we water a plant we water the root not the leaves, balance starts within" Tracy McMahon x

20 2 19-06-2017
  1. Why do we seek balance and how do we get it? For optimum wellbeing and within ourselves!!!, At Buddha Therapies we have been practising healing, health, wellbeing and mindfulness in Liverpool over for 6 years. We strive to give our clients total peace of mind that balance the 3 trinities, mind, body and spirit, this ancient shape is all connected, when one is out, the other follow, this is why "holistic" is very, very important - a whole approach. From this Sunday Anna Westhead will be combing a holistic approach to energy flow by using meridian (Qi) Reflexology, combined with Reiki healing, essential oils and crystals to help achieve this, it is an hours treatment and worked as an "individual Prescription" to to help restore what the trinity of three, mind, body and spirit requires an hours treatment is £35. We are blessed to have this beautiful soul in our team xxx🙏🏻 please contact us for availabilities or enquiries xxx 01512844435 "Best holistic business, Liverpool 2015,2016,2017" Liverpool lifestyle "National Business woman of the year finalist 2016" "Runner up national mental health first aid champions award 2015"

33 1 11-06-2017
  1. My little angel all ready for another dance show xxx🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😇😇

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  1. Today's the last day guys fir our Father's Day gift voucher promotion, if you can't get in because of the rain ☔️ please call us and we can post it out to you xxx🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 01512844435 xxx

14 1 09-06-2017
  1. What is holistic? It means "A whole approach", example = This client has chronic digestive issues, cervicle weakness and sacroiliac inflammation, he's visited his GP for years but given drugs and stretches for only his targeted pain, what he needed was posture assessment, organic supplements, traditional eastern Asian therapies and energy work to release the fascia, inflammation and balance emotions to bring harmony to the meridians - mind body and spirit is all connected - there's no disconnection within the systems - FACT !!! 01512844435 #awholeapproach #traditionaleasternasiantherapies #acupuncture #painfree #anatomy #guasha #reiki #qigong #buddhatherapies #liverpool

101 8 07-06-2017
  1. my daughter has been to the doctors twice in 2 months as she keeps getting small intestine cramps, glue ear, and develops little rashes on her feet - I insisted for a food intolerance test, they said "food doesn't show up on the skin but bring her back when her rashes are worse", as an integrated health specialist Ive took her health into my own hands, cupping, organ testing, auricular and Korean hand therapy with Hopi ear candles and amno fu, diet change and I've paid for private food intolerance test for her - they are classic symptoms of a certain food group not agreeing with the digestive system - the nervous and immune system does not lie !!! I see these classic symptoms every day - of course food comes on the skin it's the largest excretory organ in the body if the digestive system refuses to digest it - where will it go?????? #holistichealth #holisticnutrition #kids #therapies4kids #liverpool

12 0 06-06-2017
  1. ***CHILD and PARENT MASSAGE WORKSHOP*** @ Buddha Therapies 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd July from 11am - 12pm. Come join us for a 4 week adventure of mindful fun, learning, massage, meditation and bonding with your little angel. I am a fully qualified Integrated Health Specialist and Massage in Schools Association Instructor and would love to teach you and your child a 15 minute massage routine that is widely used in schools all over the world. Your little cherub will receive a certificate after the four week course designed by my beautiful daughter, Pheobe, for you to cherish and be proud of 😇. Please contact us for bookings or enquiries. The cost is £50 for the 4 weeks, each session lasts approximately 1 hour, that is for 1 child and 1 adult and a 50% deposit is required to secure your place, Thank you, Tracy xxx 10% of all profit from the course will go to Zoe,s Place Baby Hospice in Liverpool.