Cody Tesnow
Cody Tesnow – Montana born, LA-based rabblerousing raconteur. Storyteller. Makes shit up for a living. Sail/Surf/Scuba/Spear/Scotch. @codytesnow, everywhere

29 1 24-06-2017
  1. Pan Fried Pork Loin & Toubanjyan Brown Butter and Herbs with "Japolenta" (Polenta made with Dashi and topped with an All-Sauce Umami Bomb Pan Sauce™ @dornbushm x @gourmetgaijin collab. Out of this fucking world. #dinner #home #cooking #befriendswithchefs #alsobestfriends with @jamesarthurfoto

21 1 24-06-2017
  1. My dinner is the very good kind. Course 1/2, @dornbushm and @jamesarthurfoto and your's truly workin the boards with French Breakfast Radishes and a Chicken Fat & Anchovy Aioli; Bacon Fat, Togarashi, Sansho Roasted Chicken with a Purple Basil & Fresno Herb Salad #home #cooking #dinner #myfriendsaretheshit #befriendswithchefs

25 0 22-06-2017
  1. Had to get up early to continue the one in the water, and there's some alright stuff coming through! #surf #venicepier #junegloom #morning #greydaynumber45 #cmonsun

41 1 22-06-2017
  1. I usually save this shit for @gourmetgaijin but I didn't have time to take a pro pic, and as I learned from @jubei_usagi you gotta roll them rolls and eat 'em. Texture is key. Crunchy nori, a must. Togarashi Chicken Thigh Handroll with Pickled Veggies and Shredded Lettuce. #handroll #dinner #chicken #gourmetgaijin

28 0 21-06-2017
  1. There's some good size stuff out here today and that means I'll get bonked real good probably a couple times. Good thing it's Foamy Bob Day (Hot Hapa Wife™ bought us a new foam top and in honor of Ol Foamy Jim, this is Foamy Bob because it's got nice Rasta colors.) #surf #venice #venicepier #california #junegloom #getwet