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136 19 20-04-2017
  1. Everyone: I am very proud to present my new endeavor and company. After almost 5 months of behind the scenes work, we are launching Composite. Composite is a full-service advertising agency and content studio serving cannabis, entertainment, health, wellness, and music clients. I am partnered with the industry's top experts, Frontera Group, and will be serving as the Executive Creative Director. HUGE thanks to my partner @chazasworld , and @jdwelsh and Luke Stanton at Frontera Group for seeing the vision and being absolutely paramount to this happening. Many many more thanks are needed, @jebenair and Duco Muller and Katrin for advising, @sherpa_style and @lspnyny for teaching me over the last 5 years and getting me to a point where I'd even conceive of doing something so rash as starting my own agency. My lovely wife Chako for putting up with me trying something like this. @jimmah21 , @inakipl , Lauren Cassle, Allison Streuter, @ivybruland for the awesome press release. @j.m.henry for always making me great music. Many, many more who believed and looked at this and said "Good idea, do it." Thank you all. Here's to the next! #420 #cannabis #company #advertising #agency