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4197 115 27-05-2017
  1. I'm generally not afraid of heights but I have to admit that whenever I come close to a cliff I feel a ticking in my feet, does this happen to you too? Btw when in Capri we hiked for a while to get to a beautiful belvedere overlooking the famous faraglioni 🌊⛰🚤 #capri #faraglioni

5586 129 25-05-2017
  1. Pastel tones in Capri 💕 last week we spent a few days in the Amalfi Coast and our last stop was Capri 🚤 Fell in love with this little island (even tho I still prefer Positano 😌) #capri

4097 106 24-05-2017
  1. This year @giroditalia, the Italian bycicle race, stopped in #Bergamo and the city got painted in pink, the color of the coveted jersey the winner receives. I have never been really into sports but I have fond memories of my father watching the race every Sunday at home. This year was no different, except that we witnessed live the arrival together! 🚴🏼‍♀️🏅#storiedalgiro #giro100 #bancamediolanum In partnership w/ @bancaMediolanum #ad