Jaimee Colmer
Jaimee Colmer – Magaluf 15/16 🎉 London college of music studying acting 🎬 oh.. work for river island 👑

19 2 08-03-2017
  1. Happy international women day. These three women are not only my favourite women but some of my favourite people in the world. @karleenemmajane has taught me how to be a better person. How to laugh and what the meaning of true friendship is. Each day I grow more and more proud of how strong she is and how brings up frankie. My nan. Who fed me, cared for me and loved me unconditionally. Brought me up to be considerate and made me laugh. And last but not least my mother. Who has brought me up from birth on her on has put me through drama school, stage school. Supported me. Taught me to love to tolerate and one day I hope I turned out to be as wonderful as she is. Happy international women day to all women. Stay fierce; stay fabulous. #happyinternationalwomansday #women #mum #girls #love