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195 8 23-05-2017
  1. No one should ever have to go through what @arianagrande went through and what her supporters went through last night😔 and to all the loved ones and their families that where lost you will forever be in our hearts💙 And my prayers are out to your family and friends💕🙏🏻 and also sending prayers for the people who are injured, I really hope you make an amazing recovery as well💕🙏🏻 #prayforManchester

330 4 16-05-2017
  1. He's not just only my lover but he's also my best friend, my future, my rock, my everything💙I love you to the universe and back💕Ik I might not show I appreciate you a lot but now that's time to change💙I love you Zachary B Pittman you are my forever and always & my goodmorning and goodnight, you are my 11:11 wish💙 love you so much cutie and I hope this makes you smile when you wake up cause I mean every word in this paragraph💙🌌 #couple #royalcomedy #teamzatie #couplegoals #bestfriend #lover #myeverything #myfuturehusband #myfuture

278 0 14-05-2017
  1. Happy Mothers Day to the best mom and #1 Mom out there💙You helped me get where I am today and helped me achieve my dreams💙Without you pushing me to keep moving forward and teaching me to never giving up on anything. I wouldn't be where I am today thank you for being the mom that is always there for me no matter what and always supporting me! I am proud to have a brave and strong mom like you💙Hope to see you soon and hope you love your gift in the mail your getting later in the day😜💙🌸 #mothersday #mom #bestmom #momanddaughtergoals #mommysgirl