Kristian Lynae Irey
Kristian Lynae Irey – Currently ➡️ Anchorage Lifestyle & intimate wedding photographer | Based in Alaska | May: OH, MI, Cuba June: OH, Cancun @c_njae❤️

404 8 21-04-2017
  1. Cali was a whirlwind that included desert dances, almost getting stuck in a back sandy road with 50 other Coachella goers because Siri, too much traffic, one sunburn, dreadlocks, and a lost wallet. It is an interesting thing walking into an airport without an ID, but I found out it can be done. LA you were a blast but I'm happy to be back in the AK.

722 23 17-04-2017
  1. My Alaskan skin is sufficiently sun kissed and my heart is happy. Adios Coachella, you've been great ✌🏻

590 16 09-04-2017
  1. After much thought, I've decided to start sharing a lot of backlogged work over the next weeks. Some of the photos have been posted on my website or blog, maybe even my Instagram years ago. But as I was reminiscing recently I kept hearing my fiancé say, when did you even take that? Where was this?? So, I hope you enjoy the archives ❤️ (East Dunmore, Ireland 2014)

713 18 26-03-2017
  1. Just wrapped up my last session of edits on my docket last night! Huzzah! Now onto personal work from a year ago 😂

704 18 21-03-2017
  1. March in Alaska is absolutely heavenly. The birds are chirping, the sky is clear as a bell, and the air is almost as nice as spring.