Kristian Lynae Irey
Kristian Lynae Irey – Currently ➡️ Anchorage Lifestyle & intimate wedding photographer | Based in Alaska | April: LA May: OH, MI, Cuba June: OH, Cancun @c_njae❤️

659 12 21-03-2017
  1. March in Alaska is absolutely heavenly. The birds are chirping, the sky is clear as a bell, and the air is almost as nice as spring.

1009 36 16-03-2017
  1. The Iditarod! One of my favorite Alaskan traditions. This is a race where teams run over 1000 miles every year all the way to Nome, Alaska. In 1925 the village of Nome had an outbreak of diphtheria. The harbor was frozen, it was too cold for airplanes, and the nearest train was 700 miles away, so the only option was a dog sled relay. The very last team to carry the medicine was led by none other than the famous Balto. The Iditarod is done every year in commemoration of the dogsledders that raced through the harsh Alaskan winter and saved the children of Nome. Apparently temperatures can get as low as -80 during the race, and that is just insane to me.

933 25 13-03-2017
  1. I spent last week following the Iditarod for a bit, then being sick, and shut in editing, so excuse my absence from the Internet! Be prepared for puppy photos!

676 16 06-03-2017
  1. Back in Fairbanks this week to see the official Iditarod start and to follow along on some puppy flights!