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Krystal Nickole💋 – God is great🙌🏼I ❤️ mom life of 3 awesome/good looking kids, 2 🐈 & 1 🐠, cooking🍴dancing💃reading📚music🎶 traveling/adventures 😘 hiking 🏞🏕🏊

8 2 21-07-2017
  1. My lil BaileyCoCo wearing her daddies new work gear during her visit with him... We might be separated but we've gotten a lot better at co-parenting our daughters. This lil girl didn't like her daddy when me and him separated when she was nearly 2yrs old all the way until a lil over a year ago... I pushed them both to give each other a chance (she would kick and scream and I would have to run as fast as I could to leave 😢) and now 5 years later they are inseparable. She loves her daddy and loves spending time with him, thank God. They bonded thru videogames lol She's momma and daddies lil nerd/tomboy... We wanted her to be a boy but we got something better a beautiful girl with a headstrong tough personality lol 😍 #mommastwin #oilfield #daddyslittlegirl #momlife #singlemother #blessed #tomboy #childofGod #coparenting

14 0 16-07-2017
  1. Someone is happy momma is home from work... I sat on the couch after taking my shower to put my lotion on and Mr. Gable climbed up in my lap to take a nap lol #naptime #kitten #Gable #loved #blessed #momlife