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Lalah Delia VibrateHigherDaily – Certified Wellness & Spiritual Practitioner/Writer Founder: Vibrate Higher Daily Mind/body/heart/soul... ❝Self-care is how you take your power back.❞

1603 64 24-07-2017
  1. Somebody come see about me. Lauryn Hill has reposted my quote. I'm just gonna go faint now. For real though: As a writer and a huge fan—this is such a huge and sweet confirmation to keep going, to stay in my lane, to keep doing me as a writer, to keep sharing this message in my heart, to trust what my voice and soul have to say, to say it, to keep being vulnerable as a writer, and to keep speaking from my own real-life journey and raw experience/s knowing that other journeying souls will find encouragement, breath a little easier and relate—in their own unique/beautiful way. 🦋 Yoooo!!!🙈🙊🦄😩😍✊🏾🙏🏾 🛐

1314 29 22-07-2017
  1. Free your mind, follow your dreams, and focus on your beautifully—unfolding path. There's still so many wonderful manifestations in store for you. Trust. // Lastly, do social media with a light heart.🌻😌

973 18 21-07-2017
  1. It all begins, develops, manifests, and happens — by vibrating higher daily 🦋 ✦ And remember, each new day is a new chance — to grow, evolve, and transcend💫 #VibrateHigherDaily 😉

1097 55 20-07-2017
  1. In case you haven't heard it today, I love you, you are beautiful, you are exactly where you are supposed to be on your journey, break ups are direction, letting go is how you heal and grow, inner-beauty is spiritually gangster, so is positive energy, maintaining a healthy mindset is just as crucial as maintaining a healthy body, vibrating higher is how you win—every time, my website is coming soon, (I'm birthing it out soon, yay!), go subscribe to my email list for launching updates and future goodies. 💌🤗😋✊🏾✌🏾 🦋 Link in bio. Be love, be light.

698 24 19-07-2017
  1. 🌻 Every so often, reflect on how far you've come, how much you've grown, how much you've vibrated higher daily and risen above all you have throughout your journey. Reflect and celebrate all that.😌😊

2057 57 18-07-2017
  1. It's really about their vibration, not you. When you don't personalize what people do, your life has way more peace, good vibes, light and joy. Stay in that divine place. ✌🏾

1656 31 16-07-2017
  1. Well worth it to your mind, body, heart, soul, life and over all well-being 🌻