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  1. Keep elevating and releasing who no longer serves you. This makes room for those who do mean you well to show up and align with your current path, direction, lifestyle, creative works, beliefs, and vibration.

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  1. 🌬Return to self. 🙏🏾 Sage smoke is medicinal and it draws out negativity in the air, space, item or person. Open windows, light one end of a sage bundle/stick, blow out, wand subject with the wand's smoke. All undesirable energies will leave through the window with the smoke💨✌🏾...leaving purified energy. 🙏🏾 Sea Salt & Epsom Salt draw out impurities and negativity from the body. Soak for 45 min in a bath of salt using the warmest water possible. Shower in the warmest water possible. Rinse with a cold water shower after bath or shower to charge and align energy centers in the body and close pores. Prayer/mediation are spiritual technologies, spiritual martial arts, and gateways into the divine higher realms. Yoga or any mindful physical movement moves the energy around in the body, releases feel good hormones, and filters out any toxic energy, bringing back balance and harmony within. // 😌 #VibrateHigherDaily #SelfCareFirst

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  1. Happy Earth Day! 🌎🌳♻️🦋💚 In honor of #EarthMonth (April), I recently collaborated w/@fameandpartners and their blog to share '3 Ways I'm Saving The Planet' 💚🙏🏾😋✌🏾 ••• [Excerpts] With a growing shift in consciousness and wellness lifestyles, what we consume, how we source food and materials, how we eat and how we treat the Earth, should all reflect this rise in consciousness–as it did in ancient times and how it currently does in indigenous cultures... ••• Living greener, more conscious, and mindful, has evolved into an overall lifestyle. The beauty of this path is living environmentally friendly and making responsible decisions and lifestyle choices–on all levels, for the greater good and future sustainability of all... ••• Becoming aware of environmental hazards, of their impact, and how you can easily do your part to reduce them, is such a powerful start for making change. Chemical-based products negatively affect you on a cellular level, they cause hormonal imbalance, reduce brain function, alter the nervous system (google neurotoxins) and pollute your body, the air in your home, the environment, and the planet. One of the greatest factors that made me realize the impact of chemicals and environmental hazards on living things is the many benefits I have experienced: mind, body, and soul, as a direct result of cutting chemicals and toxins out of my life...cont'd in link ••• 1. Supporting Ethical Brands & Companies
Brands who are environmentally mindful, sustainable, ethically, and consciously made. Not only do these companies have the planet’s well-being in mind, but also yours. I have a huge crush on companies whose values and ethics benefit and support me in maintaining and sustaining a healthful lifestyle. I love that Fame & Partners is one of these mindful brands and is leading the way in the fashion industry, in this area...cont'd in link ••• 2. Going Green | Natural Products Transitioning to a non-toxic lifestyle by breaking up with chemical-laden beauty, hair, body, and household products, has been life changing is such a positive way...cont'd in link Llink in bio. Dress: @fameandpartners Team: @dillondelacroix & Jess Jewelry: @anukah_ Photo: @

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  1. There's a deep joy and peace in liberating yourself from situations and people who once controlled you in this way. Forgive—for you—and keep vibrating higher daily. ✌🏾💡💫

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  1. 1 in 5 people will suffer from mental illness in their lifetime. That means either you or someone you know is possibly suffering right now. Please seek help and know that there are organizations and supportive people who will not stigmatize you. May you/we/all—vibrate higher daily and live out our divine destiny and purpose. As a social culture, let's spread more positivity and light as medicine, instead of toxicity disguised as humor, help, or entertainment. Positivity can be just as humorous and entertaining, as well as more effective for positive change. Be on the healing and encouraging side. Everyday we have the opportunity to provoke more light, hope, and healing. Be that for someone. You never know who in your social sphere needs it. 🦋 #mentalhealthawareness #stigmafree If you or someone you know is suffering, please contact National Alliance of Mental Health @namicommunicate ☎️Hotline: 800.950.6246 |