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  1. Jill Werness is a Holistic Health Coach who avoided Plexus for 18 months. Love her story... ❤️ "I am a Holistic Health Coach who makes her own deodorant, laundry detergent and Kombucha. I didn't look at Plexus for 18 months because I was a "supplement snob." Finally, after hitting a brick wall with weight loss for my clients, I decided to go to a meeting and see first hand. That day changed my life!! I watched women weep giving their testimony of how they are now able to function as a mom because their postpartum sadness is GONE. Another who can now lift her children and play with them because she is now free from joint discomfort. And I am sleeping SOOOO much better since beginning my journey with #Plexus. I was already very healthy, but when you can wake up completely #refreshed, and go ALLLLL day until 10:00pm with tons of #energy, you know something is working. I have been blown away by the testimonies of lives changed!! These products were formulated in such a unique way where the body can recover from the inside out. Just Fabulous!!!" #formerskeptic #turnedwholeheartedbeliever #naturalingredients #plantbased #bettersleep #weightloss #insideouthealth #holistichealth #whatcouldyougain

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  1. All disease begins in the gut." Your gut is the epicenter for your immune system and if your gut doesn't have the right balance of microorganisms to fight off these diseases, then you and your body will begin to suffer. A healthy garden needs healthy soil. Your body is the garden and your gut is the soil. #weedseedfeedprotect #plexusvitality #australia #newzealand #canada #usa #health

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  1. This is Diamond 💎Jennifer Booker Leath. Her story is truly inspiring!! Can YOU relate to any of these things? 👇🏻👇🏻 1. Had her water shut off...COULDN'T PAY the BILLS 🙁 2. BLOCKED a Plexus friend's posts on Facebook 🤣 3. Was overweight and MISERABLE! 😳 4. WANTED TO TRY Plexus but couldn't afford to do so 🚫💵 5. Finally tried and LOST NOTHING the first month...but kept going anyway 💪🏻 6. FEARED what others would think, if she shared Plexus 😱 7. FINALLY SHARED and continued her Plexus health journey 🙌🏻 8. Refer to her pictures to see how her health transformed...natural healing takes time! ⏰ 9. Now she has a 6 FIGURE INCOME 🤑 10. The rest is history!😁 Wow...and to think the products have only gotten better since then!!! 😮😍 *Plexus makes no guarantees or projections of income, as such representations may be misleading. Your success depends on your effort commitments, skill, and leadership abilities, and how effectively you exercise those qualities.*