Logika Anbiya
Logika Anbiya – I tried to capture a story on every picture.

58 9 21-06-2017
  1. There are two chairs facing each other. Let's imagine two persons sitting on those chairs. One is your brain and the other is your heart. They arguing about something and they asking you to choose between them. Which one will you choose? However your coffee has arrived. So you drink it first and let them be until your coffee finish. #blessed #spreadlovenothate

39 1 18-06-2017
  1. "Indeed, in the creation of the heaven and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day are the signs for those of understanding. Who remember Allah while standing or stitting or (lying) on their side and give thought to the creation of heaven and earth, (saying), "Our Lord, you did not created this aimlessly; exalted are You (above such a thing); then protect us from the punishment of the fire" (All-E-Imran 3:190-191) So let's tadabur with creation of Allah. Thank you for creating the sky and protect us from the vacum of space and sun's radiation. #blessed #spreadlovenothate