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Lucy Hale Update 🎐 – β™› Candids | Photoshoots | Pictures | Videos. ━ Sit back, relax & enjoy the Hale vibe. β € Always loving my champion napper ! β™‘ Lucy liked x18, love you.

57 2 23-06-2017
  1. ~ I will be sooo sad omggg like Elvis πŸ˜­πŸ™Œ Lucy are you sad that PLL end ?! 😫 I think I will do a row of memes because I looove doing them ! πŸ’• - #lucyhale @lucyhale

118 0 19-06-2017
  1. ~ β€œThis whole season, in general, is just very romantic. You get to see all of the couples together and there’s a wedding ... or are there two weddings? Yes, there’s one main wedding ... hmmm, I don’t know if I was supposed to say there are two weddings, but whatever, we’ll just let that slide. Pregnancies, kids, yeah. The girls are grown up.” β€’ Lucy Hale - #lucyhale @lucyhale

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  1. ~ @gooseupdate : Tbh I was kinda disappointed that Lucy called herself fat, on the picture of her and her father. I get that people are defending her, and I know that she used to have eating disorder, but why is she saying that then? Lucy doesn't look fat at all. If she thinks she looks fat on that photo, what about all the fans that sees that comment, and knows that their body looks like that. That isn't fat, and Lucy saying that it is fat makes me feel insecure. Does that mean I'm fat? I have about the same body Lucy had that time, and it kinda hurts to see that comment. I don't get why so many fans defend Lucy for this... Repost from @gooseupdate - #lucyhale @lucyhale