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  1. #TransformationTuesday with this 30-minute "movie muscle" workout from @bjgaddour! ・・・ ACTION HERO JACKED! Try this 30-Minute Movie-Muscle Workout that hits all dem tender bits. This is also super accessible for people all fitness levels as I outline below. 1. Rotational cable pulldown 2. Single-arm landmine press 3. Triple crush: hammer curl to press to triceps extension For move 1, do as many simulatanous reps as you can in a minute and then immediately do as many alternating reps as you can for another minute. This move is a great way to get extended time under tension on those lats and a perfect option for those that struggle with pullups. It will also develop those #BackAbs. For move 2, do as many reps on your left arm (or weak side) in a minute and then immediately switch sides and repeat matching that same rep total in a minute. For those with shoulder issues, this is a a great way to get your pressing in. It also hits the upper chest and trashes the triceps. Not to mention it will really shred up your abs, obliques, and ribcage (serratus). I don't do any silly core work so this is how I get it in. For move 3, do as many reps of this 3-move combo as you can in 2-minutes that hammers the arms and shoulders. The hammer-grip is a nice option for those with elbow and shoulder mobility restrictions. Pick a weight that allows you to complete at least 6 reps with the most challenging of the 3 moves, the overhead triceps extension. The dumbbell work also allows you to work on asymmetries between sides. Do 3 cycles of this resting 30-60 seconds between moves. You might just end up looking like Bruce Willis, a.k.a. @jeremyscottfitness. Rack from @keiserfitness, Captain America plates from @onnit, shorts from @nobullproject #ActionHeroJacked #MovieMuscle #SummerTime #BJGaddour #Fitness #InstaFit #Shred #Gainz

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  1. This 12-move MMA workout from @basruttenmma will leave you absolutely drenched πŸ‘ŠπŸ’¦#ad Perform each of the moves shown above for 50 seconds and rest for 10 seconds in between each move. Do the entire circuit three times for an intense full-body workout worthy of the @ufc Hall of Fame.

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  1. Here's another #InternationalChestDay routine from @bjgaddour ・・・ Cable chest fly for max reps in 5 minutes. Pick a load you can barely do 15-20 reps with in a single set and take short 15-20 second rest periods as needed. Record your rep total and beat it from sesh to sesh. Use it as a starter or finisher to make those pecs pop like corn 🌽. Have a great week, baby! Functional trainer from @matrixfitnessusa #MotivationMonday #BJGaddour #ChestFly #ChestWorkout #Chesticles #Pecs #Pectorals

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  1. #Repost @bjgaddour ・・・ GLORIOUS GLUTE TRISET! Give this 3-move butt blaster a shot. I think you'll find it's tastier than peach cobbler. Use any variation of a hip thrust and Bulgarian split squat you have access. Do each move in the following order with 30-60 seconds of rest between moves: 1. Double-band pause hip thrust: 8-12 reps 2. @bandbellbar Bulgarian split squat, left leg: 10-15 reps 3. @bandbellbar Bulgarian split squat, right leg: 10-15 reps That's 1 round. Do 3 to 5 rounds and be sure to check your underpants afterwords. A couple notes: One, I find that securing my hands into a power rack gives me just enough extra stability to achieve a better glute contraction. Two, the @bandbellbar creates an oscillation effect that enhances neuro-muscular activation and extends time-under-tension. Use any bandbell bar setup you have access to or modify by holding a kettlebell with the bottom up to achieve a similar stability challenge. #MHGluteProject #BJGaddour #PeachCobbler #Glutes #GluteExercises #GluteWorkout #Legs #LegDay #GluteDay #HipThrusts #TheThrustIsAMust #HipThruster