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2560 22 24-04-2017
  1. An idea💡for #InternationalChestDay from MH fitness director @bjgaddour #Repost ・・・ PEC SUPERSET! Do as many band-resisted dumbbell pushups as you can and then do as many dumbbell incline chest presses as you can (no more than 15-30 seconds of rest between moves). That's 1 round. Do 3-5 rounds, resting 2-3 minutes between rounds. Or alternate between this and the back stack I shared the other day. Use a pair of dumbbells that's half of what you'd normally press for 8-12 reps. It makes a light weight feel super heavy, which is great if you don't have access to heavy weights. The band really increases serratus, pec, and core activation at the top of the push-up. Band from @dave_rbt and adjustable dumbbells from @powerblockdumbbells #BJGaddour #pecs #Pectorals #Pushups #Bands #Chest #ChestWorkout #Gainz #Muscle #MetaShred #MetabolicBodybuilding

1307 5 23-04-2017
  1. Try this AVA workout from CrossFit legend @jasonkhalipa! ***Great blend of a barbell and cardio. Every year I perform "Ava" which is a 400 meter run followed by 21 Ground to Overhead for as many rounds as my daughter is old. Today I did 6 rounds. You can clean and jerk or snatch for the GtoO, you can also use a dumbbell/dumbbells. I'd recommend all parents to find a workout they can add rounds to and complete it each year. It's great motivation to stay in shape. Imagine when they turn 30. @jasonkhalipa @nc_fit @progenex @reebok @roguefitness 📹@ali_sv

1809 9 22-04-2017
  1. THE HIGH STEPUP as demonstrated by @bretcontreras1 and @karey_northington is a classic strength and conditioning exercise that should be a staple in anyone’s training program. When it comes to step ups, the higher the box, the greater you work your butt due to the increased flexion at the hip. The key to selecting the right box height is to go as high as you can without rounding your lower back or shifting your hips to the side. For most people, that's anywhere from 20 to 30 inches based on individual hip mobility and limb length. Bret recommends doing 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps. Too easy? Then hold on to dumbbells with both hands or wear a weight vest to step up your glute game. #MHGluteProject #MHFit #LegDay #Glutes #GrowYourGlutes #BretContreras #🍑

3061 63 22-04-2017
  1. THE HOUSE OF CARDIO WORKOUT from @bjgaddour! When Frank Underwood isn’t destroying the lives of innocent people and masterminding world domination, he’s sweating his calculating ass off on his indoor rowing machine. With the premier of the new season of House of Cards right around the corner, we thought we’d give you a rowing workout inspired by the hit @Netflix series. Here's how it works: 1. Row 500m as fast as possible with the goal of completing it in 2 minutes or less. 2. If you complete the 500m in under 2 minutes, perform as many pushups as you can for the number of seconds under that 2-minute mark. For example, if you complete 500m in 90 seconds, do as many pushups as you can for the remaining 30 seconds. If you have trouble getting on and off the rower quickly, don't start that 30-second clock until you're ready to begin the pushups. 3. Now rest a minute. That’s 1 round. Do up to 5 rounds, preferably scheming some grand manipulation. NOTE- If this is too challenging, just do 2 to 3 rounds and rest 2 minutes between rounds. Seek to gradually bump that rest period down 5 to 10 seconds at a time until you can hit that 1-minute mark. #HouseOfCards #HouseOfCardio #Cardio #CardioWorkout #BJGaddour #Rower #MatrixFitness

1646 12 21-04-2017
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