Muhammad Siwji
Muhammad Siwji – I put the hot in psychotic and am so poor that I can’t afford to pay attention in class. Sc: muhammad.siwji

110 3 22-02-2017
  1. With my FAMUN GA6 squad! You guys are still stuck in my heart..... Thanks for the amazing company and experience. They say if you wish to go fast, go alone, and if you wish to go far, go together; and I believe this squad is one of the best I ever had ;)

132 9 21-02-2017
  1. With the executive staff that was one of the closest and most helpful friends I got during my stay for FAMUN. Thank you, all the staff of FAMUN 2017, for making my experience memorable and unbelievable! You guys just killed it! Love you all πŸ€—πŸ˜‹You guys are the people that make us look back and wish we could have stayed longer ;)

63 4 17-02-2017
  1. Enjoyin' the plight of the singing latecomers. Had sooooo much funn. Wish we could stay here for longer!!! πŸ€—πŸ€— Shall miss ol' of dis sooo much (with the audio this time)

153 7 16-02-2017
  1. With the lady who grew up in Palestine, amidst the terror, came to study at the Netherlands, and gave an inspiring speech at the Opening Ceremony for FAMUN. Feelin relli inspired!! #peace