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nicely abel – This is my #LAtteArt. @livingnicely is my inspiration. Head Barista @Menottis in Venice, CA. Coffeefest World Latte Art Champion 2010, 2011, & 2012.

409 32 10-06-2017
  1. Amused with @sprudge's latest post and article. 😏 Sincere inspiration from dealing with an increasingly occasional upset stomach and suggestions from my better half led me toward developing drinks with #activatedcharcoal. I honestly had no clue it was becoming a thing or that I would be helping revitalize a "health fad" that has been around since the 70's as I was informed by a regular that is a nutritionist. I am happy to continue to highlight way more than it just looking super cool, it is actually super helpful when dealing with indigestion, detoxing, or a hangover. I thought it was interesting that the post by Sprudge as well as the articles it references read like none have actually tasted it. To be fair, only a couple looked super appetizing. Well, I promise you, this drink tasted nothing like cemement or a curb. This breve hot chocolate was reportedly "bomb as fuck" and "like a cookies and cream chocolate bar". 🤣 For as high-brow as we can be about tasting notes with coffee, making assertions about something you can actually utilize in deliciously creative ways seems silly. Also.... in my opinion #GothLatte also feels like a silly name to me too. 😅 #justsayin #schizandu #latteart #valrhona #breve #hotchocolate #notneutral #menottis 💚✌😎

267 9 09-06-2017
  1. Soaring!!!! Super shaky dial-in hands are frustratingly my favorite to pour with. 🤣 Always humbles me a bit when I have to pour through the "tightness". Makes me also think about all my friends pouring for the Coffee Fest World Latte Art Champiomship right now. I feel ya's. Breathe. Have fun! Leave no doubt. The espresso for this #fiveouncefriday submission comes from my guy @deaton's company @takeflightcoffee. We're serving his Honduras, Tanairi at @menottis this weekend while supplies last. Come n' git it!!!! #lessonslearned #takeflightcoffee #slotoro #latteart #menottis