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Kay Cee (@skincareuncovered)
skincareuncovered 02:33:52 03/21/17

Oooo looks lovely. I like the idea of a liquid highlight *dashes to store for a swatch

Skindarella (@nicolezilverberg)
nicolezilverberg 02:59:07 03/21/17

@antiagingamber I used my finger for the long swatch. I used a damp beautyblender to apply it onto my hand. I used a primer, but not a foundation. I have been applying liquid highlighters under my foundation lately vs. on top of it. You know highlighters and aging skin? It can really bring out texture. So I found using very pigmented, liquid highlighters under my foundation, gives me an amazing glow without the extra texture issues. Sorry. I didn't think anyone would want to know that extra info.

Anti Aging Amber (@antiagingamber)
antiagingamber 03:05:17 03/21/17

@nicolezilverberg thank you so much!! I know what you mean about highlighters and aging skin. I've tried that before and need to get back into it. Do you only apply to the high points of the face or all over (under foundation)?

Skindarella (@nicolezilverberg)
nicolezilverberg 03:39:34 03/21/17

@antiagingamber It depends on the product. I would only apply this to the high points and my lip area. It's so pigmented that I would look like a baked potato if I didn't! Not cute. However, that Givenchy Jelly Highlighter I posted a couple of days ago, I put that over. Also, the GlamGlow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer is great for an all glow. It smells fantastic and brightens your skin without the texture issue.

Anti Aging Amber (@antiagingamber)
antiagingamber 03:44:30 03/21/17

@nicolezilverberg thanks for the tips!! I think I may see if I can get a sample of this! Trying to strategize for the VIB sale 😊

Amanda. (@rainababy1013)
rainababy1013 03:51:05 03/21/17

That is beautiful. I need to look away.

Skindarella (@nicolezilverberg)
nicolezilverberg 03:51:53 03/21/17

@antiagingamber What I do is buy all the stuff I want right away, and then watch YouTube and look up hauls on here to see what I missed so I can go again. Clearly that's unorganized! I'm trying to do a better job this time. The problem with that is that I talk myself out of so much stuff, and if you've seen my Instagram you know I buy everything I see! Okay, so maybe me talking myself out of a few things isn't such a bad idea. πŸ˜‚

Olga (@madiagar59)
madiagar59 05:02:15 03/22/17

Is gorgeous😍😍😍

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