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70 0 07-06-2017
  1. Running organisations and groups, individuals, school administrators, coaches, and parents around the world are coming together for #GlobalRunningDay today! Visit to pledge, explore group runs and other events happening around the world, and find information on running activities for all people of all ages and abilities. #fitness #running #MakeYourMoment

30 2 12-05-2017
  1. Looking for a healthy way to kick off the weekend? Check out this #FitFriday recipe from @asdebord ! Directions: If veggies are frozen, defrost and add to skillet at low heat. If they are defrosted, add all ingredients to a skillet on medium heat. Cook until sauce consistency thickens. Add salt if desired. About 10 minutes cook time when defrosted. Only about 55 calories per serving! #fit #fitness #healthyfood #health #MakeYourMoment #Soleus #SoleusRunning