Snack Consuming ragamuffin
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27 1 16-07-2017
  1. Love Live!! . I got to meet the lovely @hikaruheartcosplay in their beautiful Maid Cafe Nozumi last week, ((I am guilty of not being too heavily into the series but the cosplays are fantastic!)) She was so lovely to meet and talk to! Can't wait to meet up with them at more meets and cons . . #cosplay #lovelive #lovelivecosplay #toujounozomi #toujounozomicosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #photography #idol #anime #animecosplay

36 1 10-07-2017
  1. It's camp camp! . Hiya! I went to my first meet ever and it was super fun! Everyone was so nice!! I hope to catch up with people once school chills ((hi yes I am a 17 yr old baby)) and I got to hang out with this lovely @levi_rules_me as Nikki from Camp Camp! . #cosplay #cosplaymeetup #cosplayer #photography #campcamp #campcampcosplay #nikki