– "The things we do make echoes. Our existence deforms the universe."

85 11 15-04-2017
  1. Two months in. Just a little more comfortable than yesterday, but nothing really beats the comfort of home. Thank god for attentive, thoughtful (@chetisjustaname, hardly as serious as he looks, and @immrlame who's still tucked in...) housemates. Yay long weekends.

134 6 18-09-2016
  1. Dearest dearest Jerome, I wish I could thank you in a more sincere way. I wish you were still here sharing life and love, and those really really awesome hugs (: I've come to understand life a little deeper, because of you. Today was a different day, because of you. You were and always will be that overflowing vessel of love, and example of resilience and strength. We miss you so much, and I can't wait for the next time our souls meet again. Rest well now.

93 1 10-07-2016
  1. Today, we learned that, collectively, we're not brunch people. Brunch is too early for us, and we are too loud for the brunch crowd. Regardless, I am wholeheartedly in love with these faces (and the hearts that belong to each). Birthday hang or not, every meet up is a treat ❤️

73 0 17-05-2016
  1. A year later, still a stranger when you say hello, and a hole in my heart when you take your leave.

65 5 12-04-2016
  1. Rain in the morning should be a good enough reason not to be in the the office in the morning.

55 0 14-03-2016
  1. OH! Potong Pasir surpassed my expectations this year. Wasn't too convinced any other neighbourhood could beat Joo Chiat, but this one won me over with the steady stream of spirited heartfelt stories. Thank you @ohopenhouse for this open window into a part of Singapore so closely tied to its community. The first weekend definitely ended on a high. Two more weekends to go! #ohpotongpasir