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  1. Love is not a crime. Discrimination is not an option. Love is just love. Let's use the power of education to counter intolerance. UNESCO is committed to protecting the rights of homosexual and transgender people by drawing across its mandate to advance education, the sciences, culture, communication and information. These are powerful tools to fight the prejudice, verbal violence and stigmatization that foreshadow physical violence and that violate the equality and inherent dignity of all. This work for reason and tolerance begins on the benches of school. #Loveislove #IDAHOT #IDAHOBT #LGBTI #CultureofLove #Love

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  1. Science and knowledge have the power to bring people together. SESAME, the Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East laboratory, which includes a third generation light source, opened today near Amman, Jordan, where it will serve scientists from Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, the Palestinian Authority and Turkey in their research, which will have implications beyond the region. The extraordinary power of synchrotron light has made it an essential tool for studying matter on scales ranging from biological cells to atoms, using radiation from the infrared to X-rays. The facility is expected to boost research and scientific cooperation in the Middle East across inter-regional divides. Since its inception at UNESCO in 1999, SESAME has become a beacon of science diplomacy, with partners from across the globe leaving their differences aside to share knowledge and resources for the advancement of science. It is also home to the world’s first accelerator to be powered solely by solar energy. #SESAME #Science #Science4Peace #Dialogue #ScienceDiplomacy #Diplomacy #UNESCO #Development #Cooperation #Research

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  1. The 35 volcanoes found in Arxan UNESCO Global Geopark, China, form an exceptional landscape of lakes and natural springs. Arxan UNESCO Global Geopark has developed extensive sustainable rural tourism services, which offer the visitor a rare and unusual experience of a northern Chinese frontier area. Arxan is one of eight new UNESCO Global Geopark designated this year. #Geoparks #Geopark #China #Nature #UNESCO #SustainableDevelopment #SDGs

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  1. April 30 is International Jazz Day! Let's celebrate today the power of jazz to promote dialogue among cultures, to make the most of diversity, to deepen respect for human rights and all forms of expression. All in all, jazz has the power to build bridges and join women and men together around shared values and aspirations. Let the music flow and let's jazz! #JazzDay #InternationalJazzDay #Jazz #Music #Peace #Diversity #Culture #Dialogue

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  1. Discover first issue of 2017, which marks the #UNESCOCourier’s revival after a five-year break. For more info check out @UNESCO Facebook and Twitter account.

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  1. ⚠️ STAY CRITICAL ⚠️ Critical minds are needed for critical times. And original, critical, and well-researched journalism is perhaps needed more today than ever before. World Press Freedom Day is a few days away! Stay tuned, more to come soon... #PressFreedom #WPFD2017