Waldo Mendez
Waldo Mendez – Oregon State University, Senior! Going abroad for five months starting December 28! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷Future Occupational or Physical Therapist!

71 0 12-04-2017
  1. You really think I would forget about you guys. Thanks bestie for making my birthday in Barcelona literally one to never forget. Even though for like three hours was a little spacey for me. I still feel the slap on my face but thanks for the memories. You both have been nothing, but generous and kind to me. Even if I was a pain the whole weeeknd. Love you both. You both are fantastic! @wolfmiranda @aleda_mc @freshliam @jakesawyer3 #liamputwaldoincheckitwasdeserved

47 2 12-04-2017
  1. Shoutout one of my best friends here in France. Thanks for believing in my "Nonesense". Your like a sister to me. I'm glad to have a great for friend like you. Two Cali peeps. Thanks for helping celebrate my birthday oh and all the others times when I needed your help and making sure I got home when I was way too intoxicated and understanding everything when I was intoxicayed. Ya pa que! Thanks for being my besties:) @isadib95 @ferambrosio @p_nava