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2483 18 25-04-2017
  1. Not only does this salad look delicious, but it’s also packed with powerful ingredients that can help jumpstart your metabolism, like lean meat, spinach, and avocado 🥗 Check the link in our bio for even more metabolism boosters out there 💪🏻

972 14 23-04-2017
  1. Got a cowlick that just won’t stay where you want it? Try taming it with a clean mascara wand instead of your usual brush! The smaller bristles will actually grip the strands you want—a hairbrush is designed to grasp whole sections. Link in bio for the step-by-step details! #SundaySwaps

2044 26 21-04-2017
  1. Get more out of your plank with this lateral plank foot tap! Not only does it work your abs per usual, but also focuses in on your obliques when tapping it out. And remember, an active move means more calories burned :fire:: @jen_ator #FitGIFFriday