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46 5 20-04-2017
  1. I must inform you humans!~ I will be attending Gold Coast Supernova this year!~ Friday - Decora Kei (Bold Coord). Saturday - Howl (Howl's Moving Castle). Sunday - Fantasy Kodona (The Innocent Lamb). Camera: Nikon a900. #photography #planes

75 2 19-04-2017
  1. In us, we will share our colours, for they are our everything. They are precious, they are the time we spent on a summers afternoon whispering into lover's ears. They are the time we remembered over on rainy days inside watching movies of all kinds. They are the time in Primary school when that one kid never got along with you, threw to the ground and gave you those dark colours. Peace of mind. These colours are not entirely defined, they may be your everything but they are not in the way of your true potential: the person you want to be. Our senses, our colours, stained. Camera: Nikon a900. #photography #hands #reminiscing #thought

52 0 19-04-2017
  1. Whilst our skin, our shells bathe in the streams of the living experience: these colours shift and change like that of the growth we rein. The fruits of time scream in our youth, for we do not know of what is to bestow. Only of that that has done. These colours may be dim and maudlin, or bright and shimmering. They are our memories, they are our experiences. They are to be embraced for we are not us without them. Our senses, our colours, stained. Camera: Nikon a900. #thought #reminiscing #hands #photography

49 4 19-04-2017
  1. Colours, always colours that come close to the involvement of memories. It's the association and scheme of the certainty of specific things. Our minds have adapted to do it so easily, even to the point we misplace things with the same content that only have an ordinal involvement. The influence of everything- the involvement of memory. It all starts with the pondering of wandering hands, young minds that have yet to evolve. Our senses, our colours, stained. Camera: Nikon a900. #photography #hands #reminiscing #thought

75 0 16-04-2017
  1. This was taken when the family and I were in Ikebukuro!~ We had a safe trip back to Aussie and everything is now a lot more relaxed. Going to miss Japan but we're definitely coming back!~ #japan #travel