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51 0 21-07-2017
  1. Two days till Harajuku Fashion Walk Brisbane! I'm quite excited but, I still haven't the slightest clue what I'm wearing ahaha. I'll organise it tomorrow somehow hahah (-_-;). #watercolour #art #paint

43 0 21-07-2017
  1. The first realm of traditionally ebony plant I'd ever met. Walking down the alleyways and into the domains of houses hugging one another. Little gardens here and there, why in none other than Japan~. Camera: Nikon a900. #photography #plants #nature

54 2 20-07-2017
  1. Always; things will ever be. New life grows just as it falls in its last moments. A beauty of a different collective, a type that puts everything into perspective, perception if you will and if you please. Always is our memories, always is our feelings, always is us being. Always is our peace our love and our unity. Fade into the room, always in the afternoon a sun who leaves this side to bestow the other. Another, always. Forever always. Beloved, always. Always... #reminiscing #poetic #flower #always #fashion

38 0 20-07-2017
  1. "Forlorn Queen", this is an older piece of mine but I really quite fancy it. Some entomological creature of sorts hahaha. #art #ink #pen

41 0 19-07-2017
  1. Getting back into those beautiful bright colours again~. Time to get tootin fruitin and enjoy the next few busy weeks to come. From Harajuku Fashion Walk to Science Week!~ Camera: Nikon a900. #bright #plant #flower #photography