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81 4 16-05-2017
  1. Its like having your Tomahawk Missiles stolen! On another note, I guess some Microsoft updates should be done. 😉

92 4 12-05-2017
  1. Heard what might be an inside tip to Google's quantum computing. It looks like we might be hearing about it around November. Very interesting stuff. The race is still on with Google leading, IBM right behind, and Microsoft trailing.

125 6 07-05-2017
  1. @Regrann from @conquer_la - This Saturday . . . Come Mob with the Conquer_LA community, as we stroll down Los Angeles's historic Broadway St for some street photography and good vibes. This is an open invite to everyone including Photographer's, Artist's, Model's, Amateur's, Pro's and Visual Enthusiast's. These meet up's are here for you to meet with fellow shooters, create as we hang out and make new connections. 💯 Saturday May 6th Meet Up Location: Grand Park Meet Up Time: 7PM Mobbing Time: 7:30PM Tag a friend along and get your gear ready. It's time to bring back the Mob . . . #conquer_la pc: @dblaze___ - #regrann

121 8 04-05-2017
  1. Wanted: Android and IOS developer. Preferably in the Los Angeles Area. If interested please DM us @zeemdev