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What Does Liberty University Online Offer for High School Students

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Based on high retention and graduation rates, Liberty University Online is ranking among the nation’s top 10 online universities.

More than 100 in-demand undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs are offered. In addition to these degree programs, Liberty University Online also has something for high school students. Liberty University Online Academy is specially designed for home school parents and students.

An Overview of Liberty University Academy

Liberty University Online Academy provides courses for elementary and high school students. All courses put an emphasis on individualized learning. LUOA was initially created to provide home school students with the support of a traditional, residential academy. This technology-based online homeschooling academic program obtains accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. The accreditation ensures that students will be enrolled in a quality private accredited academy.

All elementary and high school courses delivered via the academy are taught by licensed, certified teachers. If you’re planning to take classes through Liberty University Online Academy, you do not have to register as a homeschooler with your local school district. All coursework can be tailored to fit children’s unique needs and personality. For example, young gymnasts can only take classes in their spare time. Liberty University Online Academy will allow these young gymnasts to learn based on their training schedules.

What about the curriculum?

Liberty University Online Academy is committed to offering a quality homeschooling curriculum for each student. The structured yet flexible homeschooling curriculum can provide a quality learning environment for little learners. Since Liberty University Online is an online Christian school, Liberty University Online Academy also focuses on Christian homeschooling education. Christ will be presented in all online classes. Plus, the Bible is believed to be the basis for instruction.

Five core subjects are offered through LUOA, including language arts, Bible, history, mathematics science. Liberty University Online Academy also offers a variety of electives, such as history of the constitution, British & American literature, health and more. Many new online high school electives will be added to the Christian homeschooling curriculum selection. If you want to learn more info on upcoming electives, please call 866-418-8741 and ask the Admissions department faculty.

The Liberty University Online Academy also has some customized programs to fit unique educational needs. LUOA realizes that some students may need reinforcement in certain subjects. Then customized subject courses will be created, ranging from Spanish to history.

All courses are available in various different formats, such as text and video formats. Homeschooling students are allowed to finish assignments and tests online after the completion of the homeschool curriculum lessons. Both parents and students can have access to the grades instantly anytime through the online grade book. The flexible assessment process guarantees that parents are able to get quick feedback on the student’s academic progress.

As part of the assessment process, LUOA teachers check and evaluate students’ written work every day, like projects and essays. Then teachers will discuss with students and parents about the grades and comments.

Liberty University Online Academy also highlights a flexible online timeline. Each school can be divided into two 90-day semesters. Each semester has a period of 5 months. A full-time online student is expected to complete the 180-day school year in 10 months. When it comes to the homeschooling curriculum, it always consists of 10 units each course. Typically, you can complete a unit in three to four weeks. However your specific time will depend on several factors, like your ability, daily scheduling, grade level and unit length.

How to apply?

Liberty University Online Academy has received superior ratings among both parents and students. Advantages of this online homeschooling program include in-time assessment testing, quality technical and academic support. Parents can always know their children’s progress in a timely manner. In addition, students will get a diploma upon successful completion of graduation requirements. Undoubtedly, there’re enough reasons to enroll in Liberty University Online Academy.

Then how to enroll? The flexible online high school program allows students to enroll at any time of the year. When you want to enroll for a new class, Liberty University Online Academy does not require you to wait for a traditional school year to start or end. Before enrolling in the homeschool programs, you must make sure that your parents have reviewed the parent agreement.

Registration for online schooling programs can be finished in five main steps. First you need to complete the online application. If you’re new users, a new user account should be created. To create a new account, you need to provide certain info, including your email address, password, name, address and phone number. After creating your username and password, you’ll have access to your account.

After you submit your applications, you’ll be contacted by an LUOA staff member within 24 hours. He/she will talk with you regarding the online assessment tests. According to your previous transcripts and placement test results, your guidance counselor will be able to determine your academic level and work out a customized class schedule.

The last step of the online registration is the financial check-in. Go to visit the and click student login across the top of the page. Please enter your username & password and then you should click financial check-in. As soon as you complete the financial check-in process and make payments for your tuition, you’ll gain access to your online curriculum and begin your coursework immediately. If you still have any questions, please call 866-418-8741.

The online registration seems to be just a piece of cake. After successful registration, you can start your homeschooling courses. Since Liberty University Online Academy emphasizes individualized learning, all online courses are very interactive. Kids won’t feel bored. Though online courses promote self-instruction, parental guidance plays an important role in students’ progress. Each parent is encouraged to have a daily review of the student’s progress.

What are the minimum system requirements?

In order to complete the application process and take online classes, you must meet the following system requirements:

• High speed Internet service

• 150 MB of hard disk space

• 800 x 600 or higher resolution monitor

• 2GB of memory

• 1.6 GHZ or higher processor

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