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Why Choose an Online High School with Accreditation

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Having a high school diploma can help you open the door to better jobs and higher salaries.

Whether you want to start off your careers or go to college, it seems to be essential to earn a high school diploma. You may miss out various educational and professional opportunities without a high school diploma. But many students cannot go to attend traditional classes due to illness, family or work obligations. That’s why online high schools become popular. However, it’s important to choose an accredited online high school to earn your diploma.

What is accreditation?

An online high school with accreditation means that the school meets stringent standards of quality education established by an accrediting agency. Who grants accreditation to online high schools? Most online high schools are both nationally and regionally accredited.

Some online high schools are accredited by regional accrediting agencies that are affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. There’re six better renowned regional accrediting agencies for online high schools, including

• Commission on Independent Schools

• Accrediting Commission for Schools

• Council on Accreditation and School Improvement

• Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement

• Commission on Secondary Schools

• Northwest Association of Accredited Schools

Why it’s essential to choose an accredited online high school?

Once you’ve decided to earn your high school diploma online, you may not realize the importance of choosing an accredited online high school. There’re numerous online high schools offering online diploma programs. One of your highest priorities is to ensure that the online high school you choose is accredited. Why?

The most important reason is that an accredited online high school must comply with the highest possible standards for education. Accreditation can be the best guarantee for you to receive quality education. Diplomas earned from accredited online high schools will be recognized by colleges, universities and employers worldwide.

All college and university applications require the presence of a high school diploma. Many employers also require a minimum of high school diplomas to qualify for certain positions. Then getting your diploma from an accredited online high school will be your best assurance. Otherwise, your diploma won’t be recognized and accepted.

You may have heard of “diploma mill”. If you’re considering earning your high school diploma from an unaccredited online school, give up the idea immediately. It will be a waste of time and money while earning a diploma from an unaccredited school. Your diploma won’t be considered as legitimate as diplomas earned from traditional schools. If the online high school is not accredited by a regional agency, your diploma may not be accepted by employers, universities and colleges.

Please notice that not all accredited online high schools are created equal. The most widely accepted form of accreditation for online high schools is regional accreditation. The best option is to select an online high school that is regionally accredited. Compared to regional accreditation, national accreditation may be less likely to be accepted by colleges and employers.

Even when you’re checking into an accredited online high school, there are still several important factors you need to consider.

• The Type of Online Schools – Online high schools come in several types, including private, public and charter schools. Accredited public and charter online high schools are a preferable option for many students.

• Graduation Rates – You should also pay attention to another question: how many students graduate each year. If a large percentage of students drop out, you may need to think twice. Perhaps the requirements are too strict or the courses are too bad. Some accredited online high schools do not have a high graduation rates. You must check the graduation track record carefully.

• Online Course Formats – Most students choose online high schools to earn their diploma because of flexibility. Many accredited online high schools allow students to take classes completely online. Online learners can work independently and turn in assignments by email. However, some programs may require campus attendances. Then your own schedule should be considered.

• Curriculum – Most accredited online high schools provide full-time diploma programs. Some additional programs may be available, like college preparatory courses and advanced placement courses. In addition to the regular curriculum, some online high schools may have extracurricular activities.

Important Note: After considering all these factors, you may find it easy to pick up a right online high school to receive your diploma. Never forget to choose an online high school with accreditation. Before spending time and money on your virtual high school, you must ensure that you’re enrolled in a legitimate and accredited program.

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