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Why is Liberty University Online the Best for Military Students

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The Pentagon will soon spend more on health and other benefits for former military personnel than on the men and women fighting today’s conflicts, according to a new study.

This is the latest news abstract from U.S. News on June 12, 2012.

Military personnel can always qualify for various special policies and benefits in their daily life. What if they want to go back to schools, especially for the online classes? With various benefits for military students, Liberty University Online stands out as their best possible choice.

These special military benefits are offered to honor the courageous men and women who serve our country. With the help of these benefits, military personnel will be able to achieve their academic and professional goals easily, including online degrees for military.

As a military student, you may have the opportunity to qualify for the benefits listed below.

Military Book Vouchers

A military book voucher is available for all qualified military students and military spouses. Liberty University Online provides this free benefit to all undergraduate military students.

Military book vouchers are not based upon any outside aid. The book voucher worth $100-$400 is usually based on the number of courses you’re planning to take each semester. Refer to the following list and you’ll know the worth of your book voucher.

• 3-5 credit hours: $100

• 6 – 8 credit hours: $200

• 9-11 credit hours: $300

• 12+ credit hours: $400

Some students may not use the book vouchers. Can they ask for a reimbursement? No! All unused book vouchers will be zeroed out at the end of the term and cannot be reimbursed. So make sure to take advantage of the vouchers before the end of each semester. Don’t you think it’s a pity not to enjoy the free benefit?

There’s another thing that deserves your attention. The book voucher credit may be cancelled if you have any courses dropped before the start date. To get more info on the military book voucher, please contact your New Enrollment Specialist.

Military Tuition Discount

All eligible online military students and military spouses qualify for a tuition discount while taking online classes at Liberty University. The discount can bring their tuition down to as low as $250 per credit hour. The tuition discount applies to various online programs, including Associates, Bachelors and Masters level programs, the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) and Education Specialist (Ed.S.) programs.

Liberty University Online offers this military tuition discount to keep tuition within the TA cap per credit hour. Please notice that this discount is not available for all online degree programs at Liberty University Online.

You cannot receive the military tuition discount if you’re earning your post-graduate degrees online, such as the Master of Theology, Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.), Doctor of Philsophy Counseling (Ph.D.) and the Doctor of Philosophy in Theology & Apologetics (Ph.D).

Qualified military students who’d like to apply can fax or email the request with a copy of the needed documentation to the Military Affairs Office. The fax number is 434-455-1287. Or you can email to

As for service members and veterans, they need to submit copy of DD-214, Discharge Certificate, Military Orders, Retirement Certificate or Military LES. However Liberty University cannot accept military ID cards for verification of military service because of government regulations. Black out any sensitive info on orders, LES or other military documents that you submit to the Military Affairs Office.

Military Scholarships

Liberty University creates the Heroes Fund Scholarship for service members who have been wounded while protecting our precious liberties. Check out the following eligibility requirements and you’ll know whether you can apply.

• Spouse was killed in action.

• Receive the prestigious Purple Heart. Qualified military personnel must have served honorably or be still on active duty/reserve status.

• Rated by the Department of Veterans Affairs for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Liberty University also has partnerships with the Veterans Affairs Administration. They offer the Yellow Ribbon Program Scholarship together. All students with 100% eligibility under the Post 9-11 GI Bill will qualify for the scholarship. At least 36 months on Active Duty is required. If Post 9-11 GI Bill benefit is not enough to fund your education-related costs, the Yellow Ribbon Program Scholarship will cover any remaining balance.

Technology Fee Waiver

Liberty University Online has a $175 technology fee waiver for qualified military students who enroll in 6 or more credit hours each semester. If you want to receive the technology fee waiver, you must ensure that you won’t drop below 6 credit hours. The technology fee waiver applies to the following online programs delivered from Liberty University Online:

• Associates degrees

• Bachelors degrees

• Masters degrees

• Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.)

• Education Specialists (Ed.S.)

If you’re enrolled in Doctorate of Education or Education Specialist programs, the $175 technology fee waiver will be available as long as you enroll in 3 credit hours per semester. This is quite reasonable. Doctorate of Education and Education Specialist courses are comparatively more difficult than Associates or Bachelors level courses. It’s almost impossible for a student to handle 6 credit hours each semester.

You must be marveled at these attractive military benefits. Few online universities and colleges can rival Liberty University Online in its military student benefits. Most institutions only have some tuition discounts for qualified military students. It’s not difficult to tell why Liberty University Online can be the best choice for military students.

Who qualifies for the benefits?

Liberty University Online also has guidelines on qualified military students. A wider range of military personnel may be defined as qualified students. One important fact is that many schools only provide discounts for current service members, such as University of Louisville. However, you don’t have to be active on duty to receive the military benefits at Liberty University. The regulation also indicates that Liberty University Online is a non-profit institution.

Potential eligible students include:

• Current service members (only qualify after the competition of basic training)

• Department of Defense employees

• Veterans (honorable/general discharge)

• Military spouses

Please note: Eligible military students can only receive benefits when applying for admissions to Liberty University Online. Benefits are not provided for students who are enrolled in the resident program or Willmington School of the Bible.

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to Liberty University. For accurate and professional information, go to Liberty University official site.

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